Were you born on a Wednesday?

To celebrate “Hump Day” Wednesday this week we’re going to provide an insight to those of you lucky enough to be born on this exceptional day of the week.

In our “Hump Day” posts we have mentioned Wednesday’s ruling planet, Mercury, and its Indian name Budha. The lord of this planet is Budhadev. The smallest of the planets and the nearest to the sun, Mercury has some amazing qualities that are passed onto those lucky enough to be born on this midweek day.

People born on a Wednesday are said to be adventurous, lively and energetic. They are born with dexterity and are the most honest of people. You know you can trust someone born on a Wednesday, as they find it difficult to lie and cheat their way through life.

Personality traits

These ‘Brainiacs’ have the blessing of Budhadev, the ruler of Mercury meaning they are the logical thinkers of the world. They are inquisitive and always look for the most reasonable and calculated way of solving any problem. That said, they are very sociable and not always buried in books. They are the most loyal of friends but can sometimes appear overemotional. Don’t think for one minute this is a weakness. This trait often allows them to climb the ladders of success.

Career possibilities

Mathematics and sciences always seem to be the best jobs for people born on Wednesday. Thinking logically helps them to thrive in these disciplines. Inquisitive by nature, research projects will keep them occupied with the possibility of travel. A career in travel is also a good choice, as their communication and social skills are second to none.

Romantic interests

They make friends easily, which again is helped by their outstanding communication skills. Finding the perfect companion on the other hand can be challenging. These little chatterboxes sometimes need to reserve themselves, so as not to irritate that potential life partner. However, as they feel talking things through is how arguments are resolved, their chosen partner will easily be able to fall in love and maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Marriage prospects

Communication is essential when building a successful marriage. People born on a Wednesday can be emotional but this will help to build an unbreakable bond with their spouse. Sometimes they need to take a step back, think about their partner’s feelings, and not behave carelessly or ignorantly. Again, issues will be resolved easily by just sitting down and talking things through.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you discuss the issues you’re facing with your partner as their imagination can get the better of them. People, in general, are insecure and previous relationships can play a big part in that. Reassurance is key in maintaining a happy relationship and when your words just aren’t enough, maybe we can help.

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