UK Lie Detector Test Discounts booked on Hump Day

We’ve decided that not only should “Hump Day” be a day for celebration but it should also reap some rewards. So UK lie detector test discounts will apply to all tests booked on Hump Day. Wednesday is  the day when most workers have reached the hump of their working week. Think of it like this – Monday and Tuesday you’re climbing up the hill towards the weekend, on Wednesday you reach the middle (hump), now it’s time to rejoice in the knowledge that you’re on the downward slope towards the wonderful weekend and hopefully, some rest and relaxation.

You made it to Wednesday!

This misunderstood middle day of the week, is the absolute best and it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. This is the day where you know you made it past doomsday Monday, and you might, just make it to the end of your working week alive. The weekend is just around the corner and you can almost touch it.

UK Lie Detector Tests

We acknowledge “hump day” can be depressing and therefore, we’re offering clients a discount on bookings at our controlled locations. Our normal cost for a test completed at your home is £395.00, or at one of our controlled locations £495.00. If you book your test with us on Wednesday you can have your test at home or at a controlled location for the same price, £395.00. This applies to lie detector tests booked on a Wednesday and not booked on any other day. That’s a whopping £125 off for our office based tests.

Why not use your “Hump Day” discount to get some answers to those things niggling in the back of your mind? Maybe you want to prove you haven’t been unfaithful or prove your innocence for another reason. “Hump Day” can help you do just that. Take the first steps to a more truthful relationship and celebrate Hump Day Wednesday.

Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more information.  Our friendly customer service personnel are waiting for your call, especially if it’s in the middle of the week.  UK lie detector tests are available for any matter where the truth is in doubt. And if you are still not sure about the significance of Hump Day check out the video be