Q. Do you have a Thetford lie detector test service? I think my wife is cheating on me with an American serviceman.

I am a sales director of a large corporation and my work takes me away from my home frequently. It would be fair to say that I tend to live out of a suitcase, staying in hotels sometimes for weeks at a time.

A few months ago I came home unexpectedly and my wife was out.  Since it was 11:30pm I was a little concerned as she hadn’t said she was going anywhere.  One of the neighbours appeared to be having a party so I went over and asked if my wife was there.  They said she wasn’t but thought she had gone to Mildenhall with some friends for an “All you can eat” night at the American airbase. I felt a little humiliated having to ask the neighbours where she was.

At 2:00am I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. At 3:00am I got up, made a drink and watched Netflix.  My wife arrived home at 6:00am very drunk and incoherent.  She sat down on the couch and passed out.

When she finally came round at lunchtime I was incandescent.  I asked her where she had been until 6 in the morning.  She confirmed what the neighbours had said so I asked when the event at Mildenhall had ended.  She said at 2am. We live in Thetford which is 21 minutes away from the base so where, I asked, was she for over 3 hours after it closed. She said that she’d waited over an hour for a taxi. As far as the rest of the time was concerned she couldn’t remember.

My anger surfaced, not least because I felt she had put herself in danger. Getting so drunk she couldn’t remember what she had done is not the behaviour of a woman over 40. She told me I should take an anger management course to get my jealousy under control.  Leaving her for weeks on end didn’t show any great consideration for her safety, she said.

I have to admit, I accused her of sleeping around to which she answered “Back at you”.  I have never cheated on my wife in the 18 years we have been married.

Do you have a Thetford lie detector test service or anywhere else in Norfolk? I would like to take one to prove to my wife I have never been unfaithful to her. I’d like her to take one too.  Our marriage will not survive infidelity on either of our parts.

G.W., Thetford

Response from Thetford Polygraph Examiner

To directly answer your question, yes we do have a Thetford lie detector test service. We also operate throughout the whole of Norfolk, East Anglia and nationwide.There is also a discount if you book two tests together.

However, when you say that your marriage will not survive infidelity you might want to consider the following.

I have conducted innumerable polygraph examinations in Norfolk and most couples go on to repair their marriages if deception is found. Your marriage clearly has problems related to separation.  You don’t say whether your wife is working.  Is she bored left alone at home?  Does she feel you are not paying enough attention to her?  Many partners who work away tend to compensate with material things so perhaps you might be providing everything your wife needs, except you.

It’s possible that your wife didn’t tell you about going to the Mildenhall air base because she thought you would disapprove.  Judging by your comment regarding humiliation in having to ask the neighbours, would she have been right?

Thetford lie detector test

 The best thing you can do is take the tests which may reveal your suspicions are unfounded or confirmed. If your wife has cheated it’s likely I will find out, during the test, why she has. When you have the results, you can then decide what you want to do.

Please call our free helpline on 07572 748364 if you would like to discuss the matter further.  Alternatively you can book the two tests using our secure online booking system. You will be offered a choice of test locations in Norfolk and nationwide.