Suspicions of Infidelity lead to Professor taking Oxford Lie Detector Test

A wife seemed to be paying more attention to a student than her husband believed appropriate. He booked an Oxford lie detector test for infidelity, convinced she was cheating on him.

Mohammed and Zahida’s Case

Mohammed had always been proud of his wife, Zahida. She became a history professor at quite a young age and her commitment to her goal had been admirable. At 35, she earned her PhD and been accepted to teach at one of the UK’s best universities. She’d had her children young and Mohammed stayed home as a full-time father and house husband. This enraged both families, as it wasn’t the way they should live given their religion.

The couple were lucky since although their marriage was arranged, they had fallen in love immediately. The same couldn’t be said for many of their relatives.  Both Mohammed and Zahida’s relations had virtually disowned them for bringing shame to the families and not behaving in the traditional manner they should. The couple had started off with the intention of upholding their traditions. But when Mohammed saw the passion for history his wife had, he couldn’t do anything but support the woman he loved, even if this did mean falling out with his parents.

Personal tuition

Zahida often provided out of hours, additional tuition to students who needed a little extra help. This never bothered Mohammed until she seemed to give one particular student more attention than the rest. She explained that Craig was struggling to pass his course, but he seemed to need far more of her time than Mohammed thought was right. They argued constantly about him and the amount of time Zahida was at the University with him alone. It wasn’t appropriate for a married woman of her religion. Although they’d gone against most of their cultural expectations, this was one thing that Mohammed felt very strongly about. He asked his wife outright if she was having an affair with the student and she’d said “no”, but he didn’t believe her.

“I told you so”

Mohammed spoke to his brother about the unnatural relationship Zahida seemed to have with Craig, and he’d almost jubilantly responded “I told you so”. He said Mohammed allowed Zahida far too much freedom and he should expect this in return. If he’d followed his religion and not his heart he wouldn’t be in this position. He would be the one at work whilst his wife was at home, where she should be, looking after the children and the man of the house.

Oxford lie detector test

Mohammed contacted us to book a lie detector test in Oxford. He wanted the test conducted in a controlled location and not at home. The community would have a field day if they found out. If it took place at home Mohammed was confident it wouldn’t take long for tongues to start wagging. The last thing he needed was his parents finding out and telling him how wrong he was to support his wife, when her place was at home and not at work.

Hump Day Discount

Mohammed contacted us on a Wednesday (Hump Day) and was happy to learn he would receive a discount of £125 off an office booking. He managed to get the Oxford lie detector test for £395 including VAT, instead of the usual £495.

Zahida respected her husband and, although she didn’t feel she needed to take a polygraph examination, she did as instructed. The results of the test were sent directly to Mohammed the following day. The results revealed that Zahida wasn’t having an affair with Craig. She’d never had any sort of relations with anyone, other than Mohammed. He was the only man she’d ever had sex with and she was upset as he should have known that.

Moving forward

Mohammed was devastated that he’d mistrusted his wife. After all of the rules they’d broken and how he’d stood by her, he should have known she would never do such a deceitful thing. He is trying to make things up to her and although she is upset that he thought she’d cheated, Zahida is happy with the newfound trust her husband has in her. The Oxford lie detector test has stopped the arguing and tension. They have happily moved forward, living their lives how they want to and not how their culture states they should.

Greater London Polygraph Services

There is no faster way to dispel suspicions of infidelity than a lie detector test.  Being suspicious of someone close to you will erode the relationship you have with them if you let it ride.  Our Greater London polygraph examiners are available throughout London and the Home Counties to help you move forward with your life. Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to discuss your concerns confidentially. Or book a lie detector test online in a location of your choice using our secure booking system.