Stevenage Lie Detector Test exposes Teenager’s Lies

Our client ordered a Stevenage lie detector test for a friend who once lived in her home, when her 15-year-old daughter became pregnant.

Naomi’s Case

Lucy, Naomi’s daughter, was 14 when she began babysitting for some family friends, Gabriella and Jonathan. Lucy was extremely good with children and had hopes of becoming a Nanny when she left school.

Naomi worked long hours as a nurse and occasionally collected Lucy from her babysitting duties. If she couldn´t then Jonathan would drive her home. This arrangement worked well for almost a year and Lucy was happy earning her own money.

Wesley, Naomi’s husband, worked on the oil rigs so was away for long periods of time. When he came home, he often went out with Jonathan for a few beers while Gabriella and Naomi cooked dinner.  On one such occasion Gabriella confided in Naomi that she thought Jonathan was having an affair. There were the usual signs, she said. He wasn’t interested in sex with her, spent more time than usual on the phone messaging “people at work” and generally seemed very furtive.

Mini break

Naomi said that perhaps they were both working too hard and needed a break. Gabriella was a consultant paediatrician in the same hospital where Naomi worked. She knew the hours they both put in. Jonathan was a facilities manager and also worked long hours with the responsibility for several site buildings. Maybe they were both Covid fatigued.

Gabriella took Naomi’s advice and arranged a long weekend away in the Lake District. The grandparents took care of the children for them.

While they were away, Lucy became unusually sullen, but Naomi put that down to her not earning her usual ‘pocket money’.  This seemed to be confirmed when the couple came back, and babysitting duties resumed.

However, all was not well between Gabriella and Jonathan.  Apparently, his libido hadn’t returned on the break and he seemed preoccupied. He was irritated because there was hardly any signal on his phone and he would walk miles to get one. They’d argued a lot especially considering that this mini break was supposed to be a ‘get away from it all’ including their work.

Unexpected visitor

Around a month later, Naomi was getting ready for bed when the doorbell rang.  Jonathan was on the doorstep with an overnight bag and said that Gabriella had thrown him out. Since Wesley was home Naomi let him in.  It was agreed he could sleep in the spare room until it he managed to sort things out with Gabriella.

At work, Gabriella told Naomi that she tried to talk to him about what was wrong, but he’d become defensive.  He suggested she was “over sexed” which infuriated Gabriella since they hadn’t made love on the mini break and for several months prior to that. She asked if he was having an affair and he told her not to be so stupid.  When did he have time for an affair, he’d asked?  She hadn’t thrown him out, he stormed out saying he wanted time to cool off.

A few days later, Jonathan went back to Gabriella.


After her shift Naomi collected Lucy from babysitting. On the way home, Lucy told her she was pregnant. Shocked, Naomi couldn’t believe her daughter was having sex especially since she had been so careful explaining the ‘birds and bees’ to her.

Naturally her first question was “Who is the father?” And when the response was “Jonathan”, Naomi had to stop the car to bring a panic attack under control.

At home, mother and daughter sat down to calmly discuss the situation. Lucy was in love with Jonathan, and they’d been sleeping together for over a year. He was going to leave Gabriella and she wanted to be with him.

Stevenage lie detector test

The initial reaction from Wesley was disbelief, followed by anger.  He couldn’t believe one of his closest friends would abuse his daughter.  He called Jonathan immediately, who emphatically denied any sexual relationship with Lucy.  She had a crush on him, he said. He’d been a father figure to her while Wesley was away working and that’s all.  She had made her interest in him known by constantly flirting with him and he’d tried to ignore it. Knowing how sensitive teenagers are, he didn’t want to reject her outright, but he’d maintained a proper relationship.

When told this, Lucy was hysterical. She was telling the truth, she sobbed.

And that was when Naomi thought about a lie detector test. If Jonathan had been sleeping with her daughter she would go to the police and report him. The affair, according to Lucy, had begun over a year ago when she was 14. And that was the leverage she used to get Jonathan to agree to take one.

She booked a Stevenage lie detector test with us and as promised, Jonathan kept the appointment.

Results and conclusion

Jonathan passed the test in all but one question.  He hadn’t had sex or sexual contact with Lucy but he had passionately kissed her. She had thrown herself at him one evening and kissed him. He knew he shouldn’t have returned the kiss but felt she would be terribly hurt if he didn’t.

Since that night he’d kept his distance from her, but she had bombarded him with WhatsApp messages. He obviously came into contact with her when she was babysitting but he’d told her that there could be nothing between them.

Trying to keep the kiss under wraps was destroying his relationship with his wife as were Lucy’s constant messages. He was paranoid that his phone would go off and Gabriella would find the messages of undying love Lucy kept sending.

When confronted with these results Lucy agreed that she had lied. Rejected by Jonathan, she’d slept with someone to make him jealous. It hadn’t worked. She refuses to tell her parents who the father is.

Gabriella and Jonathan are now in relationship counselling and no longer friends with Naomi and Wesley.