Clichéd though it may be, when the cat is away the mice do play. Our client asked our South West Polygraph Examiner to administer a lie detector test for infidelity to his girlfriend. The results devastated him.

Blake’s Case

Blake had been away for around 3 months. He was in the Navy and was looking forward to coming home and seeing his girlfriend. He’d never liked leaving Lucy but he’d been in the Navy when they met and she’d followed him around the world. They lived near to his base at HMNB Devonport, Plymouth. Blake’s friend, Mitchell, checked on Lucy every day to make sure she had everything she needed and to do odd jobs around the house as and when necessary. Blake had asked Mitchell to look after Lucy while he was gone and was grateful he cared so much to do it for him.

Eligible bachelor

Mitchell had always been a ladies man. He’d never settled down but Blake trusted him. Mitchell knew how much Blake loved Lucy and Blake was confident he’d never cross the line. Blake was looking forward to spending his Christmas break at home and came home early to surprise his ‘Mrs’. He bought her some flowers and perfume, thinking she deserved it for putting up with him being away so long.

Welcome Home

Opening the door, he was surprised to notice Mitchell’s jacket in the hall. Mitchell knew he was due home today, so why would he be there? Moving to the lounge he spotted Mitchell and Lucy cuddling on the sofa and went ballistic. Mitchell jumped up and said it wasn’t how it looked. Lucy was upset and he was just comforting her. There was nothing going on he insisted. Blake didn’t believe him one bit and promptly threw him out of the house.

Lucy protested her innocence but even though what he’d seen was relatively harmless, he contacted us to book our South West Polygraph Examiner to administer a lie detector test. Lucy had a lot to lose and Blake explained to her if she didn’t take the polygraph test then their relationship was over.

Lie detector test for infidelity

Blake was restless waiting for the examiner to arrive for the home test. He knew she’d cheated but he really wished she hadn’t. This was the girl of his dreams and he was going to ask her to marry him this Christmas. Lucy sat the test and the results were sent to Blake a few hours later.

She had slept with Mitchell and more than once. Blake couldn’t forgive her infidelity and couldn’t believe his best friend would do something so dishonest after he’d actually asked him to take care of her. Blake kicked himself for being so stupid. He’d handed Lucy to Mitchell on a plate and gone away giving them the perfect opportunity to get it together.

Blake realised that Lucy would have cheated no matter what. When they met she had already been in a relationship for a year and Blake joked she’d traded her old boyfriend in for a newer model. The joke was now on him. Once a cheat always a cheat!

Blake and Mitchell haven’t managed to repair their relationship and Lucy has moved out. Blake decided that the lie detector test result, reported by our South West Polygraph Examiner, was final straw for both of them.

UK Polygraph Examiners

If you believe someone is cheating on you the quickest way to find out if they are is with a lie detector test for infidelity.  Our client booked the services of our South West Polygraph Examiner for a home visit. We have examiners throughout the UK and in some cases, when our test environmental conditions are met, we can conduct them at your home.  Alternatively they can be taken in one of our many nationwide, controlled offices.

Call us on our free helpline (07572 748364) for advice or book a test securely online via our website.  Though the truth may hurt, the only way to move forward with your life is to know it.