We receive a lot of enquiries around Christmas and the New Year and our polygraph examiners try to address as many of them as possible.  This one relates to whether a South London lie detector test can establish where the money to buy extravagant Christmas gifts has come from.

Q: Can you help find out where my husband is getting the money to buy expensive Christmas presents?

I’ve been thinking about booking a South London lie detector test for my partner. He seems to have a lot of money recently and I’m worried about where he’s getting it from. He has recently bought the Christmas presents for our kids including an Xbox and electric scooter. We aren’t poor but nor are we rich. Normally we have to be careful with our money and I can’t understand where the money has come from. It’s also totally out of character for Chris to spend as much as he is.

Chris works as a delivery driver and when I asked him where the money came from he said he has had a Christmas bonus. The thing I’m worried about is if he’s taking other people’s gifts or worse still, selling things from work to get the money. He’s always had a Christmas bonus but it’s never been enough to afford these types of presents.

We both work so have a relatively comfortable life but we would struggle if he lost his job because of this. Do you think a lie detector test could help?

E L., South London

Response from our South London Polygraph Examiner

I get the feeling that there is something missing from your message.  It is, of course, stressful for you if you believe that your husband’s possible dishonesty could result in him losing his job. But apart from the money do you have a reason to believe he would steal from his employer?

It may be that Chris has saved some money that you don’t know about. Perhaps he would like a better Christmas this year than you have enjoyed in the past.  Or maybe he has taken out a loan you don’t know about.  If he has that wouldn’t explain why he said the money came from his Christmas bonus but how comfortable would you be if he had taken out a loan without your knowledge?

South London lie detector test

Naturally a polygraph test will identify if he is being deceptive and you will get the answers you need. However, my suggestion is that you sit down with him and tell him that you don’t believe he is telling you the truth about his Christmas bonus.  If you still have doubts after that then you can book a South London lie detector test online or you can call our office for more information.

Our helpline is free and our customer service staff will be happy to discuss the process with you. They may be able to provide you with tips on how to get your husband to agree to the test if that’s the route you choose to take.

If you call please mention that the South London polygraph examiner has advised you to contact us. Hopefully one way or another your mind will be put at rest.