Shameless Thieves identified by Burton on Trent Lie Detector Tests

When our client’s son’s disability scooter was stolen, three mothers got together to find out who stole it with Burton on Trent lie detector tests.

Janet’s Case

Marlon, Janet’s son, was autistic and unable to walk far due to spinal injuries. His disability scooter liberated him when he got it for Christmas.  He could go to the shops for his Mum and generally get out in the fresh air without being reliant on anyone else.

Janet knew Marlon’s life was difficult.  The local teenagers mocked him relentlessly. He’d been bullied at school until she managed to get him into a special needs facility.  An unexpected inheritance allowed her to purchase the scooter and she could see how overjoyed Marlon had been at Christmas.

Missing scooter

His joy didn’t last long.  Two weeks after Christmas, Marlon had been to the supermarket. He took the shopping into the house and began putting it away.  He intended to put his scooter in the garage when he finished.  Having completed the task he went outside and the scooter had vanished.

When Janet returned home she found him very upset. It took a long time to find out what had happened.

The area in which they lived was a tight knit community.  If anything was stolen there were usually only three people responsible and they were all teenagers.  Janet called all their mothers and asked them to help.  The mothers were appalled and said they would speak to their teens.  Later they reported back that all their kids had denied having anything to do with the missing scooter.

Burton on Trent lie detector tests

In consultation with the mothers, Janet got their agreement to book Burton on Trent lie detector tests for each of the teenagers.

These were conducted by one of our East Midlands polygraph examiners, on the same day, in our controlled offices. All the test results showed deception.  They had conspired together to steal the scooter but wouldn’t say where it was. Their test results proved they all knew its location.

The mothers were all pretty much at the end of the line with their kids.  They were always in trouble but to steal a disability scooter was despicable.  With the results from the lie detector tests they were prepared to march the teenagers to the police station.

One of them decided to come clean.  The three of them had stolen the scooter and put it up for sale on eBay. Luckily there hadn’t been enough time for it to be sold.  It was locked in a garden shed they hung out in.  They returned it to Janet and apologised. All of them are grounded for the foreseeable future on notice of being reported to the police if they don’t adhere to their mothers’ rules.

 East Midlands Polygraph Service

Often a short, sharp shock can change bad behaviour in teenagers.  A lie detector test is sometimes the way to bring them into line.  Our East Midlands polygraph examiners are available throughout the region to help.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more information about the types of lie detector tests we administer to get to the truth.