Case Study | Reading Lie Detector Test alleviates Nursery Placement Problem

Jan 25, 2021 | Case Study, False allegations

Reading Lie Detector Test alleviates Nursery Placement Problem

Our client ordered a Reading lie detector test when she was falsely accused of reporting a children’s nursery to the authorities.

Jemima’s Case

The first lockdown had caused Jemima huge problems because she couldn’t work from home as a bus driver.  With nurseries closed she’d enlisted the help of most relatives and many friends for the care of her 3 year old daughter, Kirstie.

The most recent lockdown was a ‘godsend’ to her because nurseries were open. She’d come to the end of the line with family and friends so was happy that she was allowed to place Kirstie into a local nursery. The problem was that the nursery wouldn’t take her child despite places being available. One of her colleagues used the nursery and had recommended it to her.

Bad nursery experience

It wasn’t until she had been turned down by two more nurseries that she found out what was happening. Before the pandemic, Jemima had taken Kirstie out of a nursery a few miles away. At the time, it had been the only one that could fit her daughter in.  Almost every day she had collected her, Kirstie had some form of injury. After two weeks of minor scratches, bumps on her head and bruises Jemima had argued with the owner of the nursery, who said that it was just kids fighting over toys. Even if it was, Jemima felt the nursery assistants should have more control.

Not long after this there was a story in the local paper that the authorities had visited the nursery. Certain safety measures had to be put in place if it was to retain its licence. A neighbour, whose child attended there, told Jemima that the owner believed that she had reported her.

Jemima had been angry but had written it off as a bad experience and made a note to thoroughly check out the next nursery she chose. Then the pandemic hit and nurseries closed. She most certainly hadn’t reported anyone. On further investigation, she learned that gossip and rumours had spread. She was considered a troublemaker.  This was the reason that no childcare facility would take her child.

Reading lie detector test

Desperate to keep her job, Jemima contact us for a lie detector test in Reading.  She wanted to prove that she hadn’t reported anyone and was not a troublemaker.  She felt it was the fastest way to secure a place for her child.

One of our Greater London polygraph examiners conducted the test at her home and found no deception in the answers she gave. She hadn’t reported the owner of the nursery in question.

Jemima was able to place Kirstie into a well-respected childcare facility when she produced the results of her polygraph examination.

What is wrong with this case is that the grapevine in the childcare industry can work in this way.  The offending nursery had been found lacking in safety measures so even if Jemima had reported them, she shouldn’t have been penalised for it.

Greater London Polygraph Services

If you’ve experienced something similar to our client, and are desperate to quickly resolve an issue, a lie detector test may help. False allegations can destroy the quality of people’s lives and cause immeasurable problems. Call our free helpline on 0800 861 1058 for advice or contact us via our website.

Our highly qualified, APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited examiners are available throughout England.  Some of our controlled offices are not open due to Covid restrictions so ask our Customer Care representatives for the nearest location to you.

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