Reaction of Friends to Domestic Abuse leads to Rainham Lie Detector Test

The reaction our client got from friends after finally leaving her abusive partner, led her to take a Rainham lie detector test.

Anna’s Case

Anna endured over 5 years of sexual, psychological, emotional and verbal abuse from Marcus before she decided to leave him. There was no physical violence but that did nothing to diminish the harm he had done to her. However, like many domestic abusers, Marcus had a charismatic and charming personality.

The couple had many mutual friends and Anna expected at least some sympathy and support from them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t forthcoming and in a lot of cases the reverse applied. Some of their friends’ reactions astonished her. They ranged from telling her it was her fault to implying she deserved it. Others told her she had overreacted and her best friend suggested that if it had been as bad as she claimed, surely she would have left sooner.

The last straw came when their friends appeared to be more supportive of Marcus than her and one of them even slept with him.

She felt it was unfair that having made the break, she had to lose all her friends too.

Rainham lie detector test

Anna contacted us to enquire about a lie detector test in Rainham where she lived. She wanted to prove to her friends that she was telling the truth about her manipulative ex-partner.

Having formulated the questions that she would be asked, one of our Greater London polygraph examiners conducted the test at her home. No deception was found in her results.

When Anna received the fully analysed, peer reviewed results from the Rainham lie detector test, she shared it with her closest friends. At least she now has a small support network to help her through tough times.


It is always difficult for mutual friends when a relationship ends. They are caught in the middle with split loyalties. Making them choose sides is never a good idea.

Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors and domestic abusers are incredibly two faced. One seemingly charming face is presented to outsiders and another to the partner they are abusing. Friends see the person that the victim was attracted to in the first place, and not the ugly ‘devil incarnate’ that he becomes when alone with his partner.

Seeking revenge, trying to separate the abuser from everyone they know and being actively interested in what an ex-partner is up to, doesn’t make a clean break from any relationship. Reporting the matter to the police is the first thing that should be done. If charged and convicted, this may stop the abuser inflicting his brand of cruelty on anyone else.

It hurts when friends appear to offer support to an abuser. But a lie detector test, showing no deception on your part, will put the matter into perspective for them. And it will weed out the true friends as opposed to the hangers on.

If you are in a similar position to Anna, please call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to find out how the polygraph can help you move forward with your life.