When faced with the stress of a relationship breakdown, a private lie detector test is probably not the first thing on your list. Dealing with the fallout from a breakup is the one of the most stressful things that you will have to face.

Affecting every area of your life, from making sure the bills are paid on time to ensuring that the whites stay white in the wash, splitting up with a partner is not a decision that anyone makes lightly.

Why are you breaking up?

The factor that adds the most stress is the ‘why’. A question you have to keep asking yourself over and over again, the answer to which your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances will want to know. That is the thing that drives you mad.

You don’t want to have regrets or make what could be the biggest mistake of your life. When you know someone is being dishonest – you just know – it’s that indescribable sinking feeling, deep inside.

What you do need, is evidence. Proof, so that you can truly think things through and consider your options. How long has it been going on? With whom? Where? When? Do you love them or me?

Getting the facts with a private lie detector test

Everyone knows that you need to have all of the facts before you can make an informed decision – and this is where a polygraph test comes in.

Commonly known as a lie-detector test, a relationship polygraph test offers an opportunity to step away from all the noise, opinions and emotions that always surround the breakdown of a relationship.

Providing a unique opportunity to establish truths in a neutral, objective, scientific environment, free from accusations, strong feelings and warring sides, a private lie detector test is an effective way to finally find the answers to the burning questions that you have.

Important questions answered

The personalised approach of a polygraph examination (the actual lie-detector test), means that you have the chance to ask anything that you want. Prior to the test you will be sent a document to complete. You can do this in private, detailing the questions you would like to be asked during the examination.

The benefit of being able to decide the questions in advance means you can take some time out to think about the things that you, personally, need to know.

Your questions will not be the only ones that are asked, during the test. The line of enquiry in every polygraph examination is specifically tailored to each individual situation. There are different types of tests for different scenarios, such as a false accusation lie detector test or a sexual harassment lie detector test.

Additionally, examiners carefully study the case and your questions before they use their expertise to compile the multi-layered, complex sequence of questioning that will be used during the examination.

The sophisticated and well-researched methodology of polygraph examinations involves a mixture of various types of questions, including those relating to the subject’s past, as well as those directly linked to your case. All of the questions are personalised for the subject and your specific situation.

Before the examination begins, you will have a chance to go through the questions that will be used during the test with the examiner. It’s an opportunity to check that you remembered everything you wanted to include.


A private lie detector test allows you plenty of  time to think about the things that you would like to know, but have never had the courage to ask, away from the opinions and voices of anyone else.

Apart from the examiner, no-one else, not even your partner will know which questions were yours.

Your partner is also able to answer the questions about the relationship free from judgement, opinion or any response.

So if your thoughts and questions about your relationship are driving you crazy, and you want to finally establish the truths about the past, your present and where your future lies, book a private lie detector test today.