Prisoner requests a Lie Detector Test in Tunbridge Wells for Infidelity

It’s not unusual for prisoners to seek advice regarding real or imagined infidelity. This query for a lie detector test in Tunbridge Wells was handled by our Kent Polygraph Examiner.

Q: Do you do a lie detector test in Tunbridge Wells? I think my wife is cheating on me.

I am currently in prison and I have reason to believe my wife is cheating on me.  Every time I call her she has someone there.  I can hear the noise in the background.  The other day she told me she couldn’t speak to me because the landlord was there.

The day after, she came to visit me and told me that the landlord had fixed a few things around the house.  He’s put some furniture together for her too. She also told me she’s pregnant.

When I asked what the landlord is doing round at the house in the evenings, she says that he’s doing repairs himself to save money.  He can’t do them during the day because he works. I wonder what else he is doing there.

She is 4 months pregnant and I’ve been in prison for 3 of those months.  I was away on a job during the month before I was sentenced.  The dates just don’t match for me. I realise I could get a DNA test but I can’t wait that long.

Can you do a lie detector test in Tunbridge Wells to find out if she is cheating on me?  My brother will book it if that’s possible.

G. L., Wormwood Scrubs

Response from Kent Polygraph Examiner

We can conduct a lie detector test in Tunbridge Wells but your wife must agree to take it.

With very little to occupy your mind in prison your imagination can run riot.  Has it occurred to you that the landlord, if he is aware of your wife’s circumstances, might just be helpful.  With no man around perhaps it was an act of kindness to put her furniture together.

In terms of the pregnancy, you could get a DNA test when the baby is born to be absolutely sure. I appreciate that you don’t want to wait but even if your wife has cheated, can you be certain the baby isn’t yours?

You don’t say whether you wife has been unfaithful to you in the past. Do you have a reason to mistrust her apart from the fact that you are not in the home?

Lie Detector Test in Tunbridge Wells

If your wife agrees to sit a polygraph examination, your brother can book a lie detector test online, using our secure booking system.  He can book a test at your wife’s home or at one of our controlled offices nearest to her.

For more information or advice please call our free helpline on  07572 748364 in confidence.  When the call is answered please mention that the Kent Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.