Caroline had been managing John for a few years. They worked in a large security company and had just started using polygraph services for pre-employment screening in Manchester. They’d written lie detector tests into their new contracts to ensure the people they were hiring were legitimate and not going to steal. They managed clubs and bars but also collected cash and valuables in armoured vehicles.

One accident too many

John had received a broken jaw whilst working in a club a few years beforehand and had claimed compensation through ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors he’d found on the TV. The company had paid over £5000 to him, along with sick pay whilst recuperating. It had been expensive. John was a good worker and normally conscientious but this most recent injury didn’t seem to add up. He claimed he’d fallen down the stairs and slipped a disc in his back. His doctor had backed him up but it seemed odd he didn’t have a hospital appointment. The claim came in again and this time, Caroline felt it was wrong.

She spoke to the directors who were concerned about bad press but Caroline knew if she didn’t check this out more and more claims would have ensued. Calling us she confirmed she needed a polygraph examination, not for their pre-employment screening in Manchester but for an existing employee. Periodic lie detector tests were part of employees’ contracts so it presented no problem.

Where there’s blame there’s a claim

John’s polygraph examination took place in our Manchester controlled, secure offices and the results were available within 24 hours.

Before opening the results Caroline knew instinctively her suspicions had been right. When she called John into the office he seemed sheepish. John had admitted to fabricating the back injury as he was in financial difficulty. The first incident’s compensation had helped him with his mortgage arrears and from what John was saying, stopped his wife leaving him. Caroline felt bad for John, but within a firm that ran the security for quite a few clubs, she couldn’t risk the dishonesty. She had to let him go, what choice did she have?

Was it worth it?

Looking back John realised he could have asked for more hours, could have worked that little bit harder but the compensation was an easy win. In the end it cost John more than he could possibly imagine. It will be almost impossible for him to work in security again.

Lie detector tests for pre-employment screening in Manchester

Is one of your employees being dishonest? More firms are adding polygraph tests to pre-employment screening in Manchester and nationwide.  Periodic lie detector tests included in employment contracts also allow you to prevent existing employees succumbing to temptation. If you’d like to discuss how polygraph services can help your business combat theft and dishonesty, please call our confidential and free helpline on 07572 748364.