Poole Lie Detector Test reveals scary infidelity when a wife saw someone in fancy dress kissing her neighbour, she never would have guessed who it was.

Geraldine’s Case

Frank and Geraldine enjoyed going all out for Halloween. They always decorated the house to have a “house of horrors” style party for their closest friends and family. It was the one occasion that they always got everyone together and this year was going to be one of the best. Not only was it their tenth Halloween party anniversary, but it was the first in their new house. With this in mind, they coupled it with a housewarming party and invited their neighbours to introduce themselves into the neighbourhood. They both knew their parties could get a bit rowdy, so thought this was the best way to reduce any complaints.

Let’s Get the Party Started

The party was fancy dress and on the day everyone turned up looking amazing. People went all out with characters from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and all the classic movies. One issue was that there were at least 5 mummies wandering around, Geraldine’s husband for one. It was hard to tell who was without talking to them, as most where a similar build and height.

Halfway through the evening Geraldine had saw one of the mummies in a passionate kiss in the hallway with their new next door neighbour Cheryl. She was an attractive single mother of two and had been very eager to introduce herself when they were moving in. They even had a few drinks with her on various  evenings prior to the party, and Geraldine thought she would become a good friend. Not wanting to interrupt, she went in search of her husband to give him the gossip.

In search of the Mummy

Geraldine was unable to locate Frank and after the party was over asked him where he had been for most of the evening, he said he had been feeling unwell and had gone upstairs for a lay down. The next day Cheryl had cancelled their usual coffee morning and hadn’t shown up to assist with the after party clean, which she had insisted on helping out with.

At this point, Geraldine became suspicious and confronted Frank about what she had seen. She asked him outright if it was him kissing Cheryl at the party. Frank denied it and offered to take a lie detector test in Poole to prove his innocence. Frank was shocked when Cheryl booked the lie detector test. He agreed to do the test but appeared uneasy.

Poole Lie Detector Test

The lie detector test in Poole took place the following day, Geraldine was impressed at how easy the booking process was and how quickly we were able to accommodate her. Frank sat the test and within 24 hours Geraldine received the results directly to her email. It was devastating for her to learn that Frank and Cheryl had not only kissed but had sex as well.


Geraldine could have attempted to forgive a kiss but sexual intercourse was something she would never get over. Thankfully the lie detector test in Poole identified her husband’s infidelity, helping her to make the decision to leave her unfaithful husband and move forward with her life on her own.