Polygraph test used to prove husband unfaithful

Dec 1, 2021

Would a polygraph test prove my husband guilty of cheating? This is the question submitted to our Birmingham office by Abi.. Abi suspects her husband Brendan guilty of infidelity. Here is Abi’s story and what our Birmingham polygraph examiner had to say in response to her query.

Is a polygraph test needed?

Abi has been happily married to Brendan for three years. Abi wrote to us about a polygraph test after suspecting her husband had cheated on her when away in Amsterdam. The stag weekend was five months ago and took place in Amsterdam for the weekend. The group of boys flew out from Birmingham airport on the Friday and the weekend partying, drinking and exploring. Brendan was best man so Abi understood it was important he went and had fun with his group of friends.

How it all began

Abi spent the weekend with the girls as part of the bridal party. The girls went for a spa weeked to relax. Whilst away, one of the girls got a text from her husband of a drunk video of the boys all in a stripper bar. Laughing about it, the girl passed her phone around for the other women to watch and laugh at. To her shock, Abi saw Brendan in the background sharing a drunken kiss with a woman. Concerned but not wanting to ruin the hen weekend, Abi kept quiet but her friend and bride Pamela noticed the quick drunken kiss on the video too.

Advice from a friend

Pamela asked Abi if everything had been ok between her and Brendan. Abi said everything was fine, that they were actually trying for a baby. Pamela advised that it was just a drunken kiss and Brendan probably wouldn’t even remember it, that is was best to forget it and move on. Abi decided this was for the best too and chose to forget about it rather than confronting Brendan. Pamela also suggested a polygraph test could be an option if she wasn’t able to forgive and forget.

The diagnosis

Two months went by, and Abi and Brendan were still trying for a baby. One day Abi suffered cramps and some light bleeding, so decided to book a GP consultation to eliminate any risk or worrying. She saw her GP who said it could be implantation bleeding and that she might be pregnant, she prescribed her a pregnancy test but also asked to do some swabs and a smear test just to ensure there wasn’t anything else going on.

Not pregnant

Rushing home, Abi immediately took the pregnancy test. After waiting a few minutes, Abi saw that the test showed she wasn’t pregnant. Baffled as to what was going on, Abi decided not to talk to Brendan until she had all of her results back. Three days later, Abi’s GP rang telling her that her tests had come back clear apart from her swab which showed she had contracted Chlamydia, an STI from unprotected sex. Knowing she had only ever been faithful to Brendan; Abi knew she had cheated for her to have contracted chlamydia.

Why did you do it?

That evening Abi confronted Brendan and broke down in tears. Brendan denied cheating on her, so Abi decided to tell him she saw the video where he kissed a woman in Amsterdam. Brendan said he was drunk but did remember kissing her, but he hadn’t slept with her.

Abi scrolled blogs and magazines online looking for advice, and read an article about a polygraph test that had proved a husband guilty of cheating. The next day, Abi wrote to out Birmingham office and asked if we could her if she decided to book a test.

Our examiner’s response

Firstly, we appreciate you writing to us and sharing your story, we understand how hard these situations can be. A polygraph test would help prove if your husband was guilty of cheating on you whilst in Amsterdam. We always suggest a couple try marriage counselling services too, but in this case, we would recommend you book a test. You deserve the truth and to have happiness and closure in your life. You can book a test online or call our free helpline on 0800 368 827. We really hope you get in touch and that we can help you resolve this issue.




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