Polygraph test in Colchester Reveals the Truth

This is the continuation of Clara’s story, when she booked a polygraph test in Colchester for her husband, which we published on 8 November.

Graham turned up to collect the kids, as usual on Friday evening. They would always stay with him once a fortnight and he’d bring them back for Sunday lunch. Clara had been given some suggestions by the polygraph examiner as to how to approach the topic of him taking a test. Having booked and paid for the test, the appointment was made for the following Thursday. She hadn’t told Graham at this point and wanted to see what state he was in when he returned with the children following his fortnightly visit.

As expected, Graham returned the children with the usual glazed look on his face, driving them home as usual. This scared Clara. He could crash the car with them inside, killing all 4 of them. Graham of course, wouldn’t have a clue but the thought of the children being in that situation was devastating.

Broaching the subject of the polygraph test in Colchester

Clara approached the conversation with caution. Graham had a habit of flying off the handle at the smallest of things. When they had been together, depending on his state of mind at times, he’d storm out and not return for days on end or he’d lash out. He’d hit her a few times, leaving Clara to explain the bruises to friends and family as a trip or fall.

Graham admitted he took drugs on many occasions but explained that it was recreational, the odd line of cocaine here and there on a night out with the lads. He’d always denied emphatically taking anything around the children. When she spoke to Graham about the test, and the resulting conditions that would be put into place if he failed any questions, he agreed to go. Graham thought he could beat this. He’d seen stuff on the internet that implied you could beat the polygraph.

Day of reckoning

Clara was surprised Graham had agreed to the test and began to feeling guilty. Perhaps she was wrong. Maybe it was the medication he took for his bad back that gave him that glazed look.

She waited patiently for the results to come through. When they did, even though she knew the result would be bad, she didn’t expect it to be devastating as it was. The polygraph test in Colchester revealed Graham had an addiction, not just a social, recreational habit of taking drugs with friends. It had been going on for ten years and he had the addiction prior to them meeting.

Clara needed advice and although she really didn’t want to get social services involved, she knew she had no choice. She contacted them and they arranged supervised visits through a contact centre. If Graham turned up with drugs in his system they wouldn’t allow him to see the children. The onus was on him to be responsible for his own actions and his rights to see his children.

Seeking help

Graham was ashamed having been found out. The potential of no longer being able to enjoy time with his children, forced him to seek help. He realised that the lie detector test had been the right thing for Clara to arrange for him. He went to his doctor and was put on a drug rehabilitation program. It was hard but the thought of losing his children was enough for him to pull it off. Three years passed with supervised visits and no contact with Clara until he was clean of all drugs.


Graham still loved Clara immensely and after he felt able to talk about his problems he asked her to take him back. Still under the supervision of a counsellor they reconciled. Clara knew that it takes years to beat an addiction and the temptation is always there. Clara loved Graham but it would take a very long time for her to trust him again. They began going out on family days and the supervised visits stopped. If it hadn’t have been for the polygraph test in Colchester none of this would have been possible. The money it cost was worth every penny as it achieved getting Clara’s family back together. It made sure her children didn’t grow up without a father, something she wanted to avoid at all costs.

Do you suspect your partner of being addicted to drugs, gambling or something else? We invite you to contact us for more information on how polygraph services can help. Whether you need a lie detector test in Colchester or elsewhere in the UK our examiners will go the extra mile to resolve your specific issue.