Polygraph Technology at Airports to be Trialled in Europe

Oct 28, 2022 | News & Science, Security

We suggested on 30 October this year in our blog entitled “Would Polygraph Tests at Airports Reduce Security Expenditure?” that it would be a great idea to install polygraph technology at airports. We believe it will drastically reduce security expenditure, terrorist and criminal activity.

It appears that the European Union has taken this on board with the introduction of lie detector tests in some airports across Europe.  Primarily they will be trialled in Latvia, Hungary and Greece. If successful, we have no doubt the tests will be a standard feature in all European airports.

Developed in the UK, the technology will screen travellers wishing to cross EU external borders. It is hoped that the IBORDERCTRL program will prevent terrorists and others with criminal intent boarding planes. The system will be operational during a 6 month trial period and is funded by the EU.

How it works

Prior to the flight, it will be necessary for prospective passengers from outside the EU, to complete an application form online. Part of the process will include uploading images of passport, visa and proof of finances.

A virtual border control officer will conduct an interview asking such questions as passenger name, DOB, the reason for their journey and what they are carrying in their luggage. For example, the computer animated security officer will ask:

“What is in your suitcase?” followed up with “If you open the suitcase and show me what is inside, will it confirm that your answers were true?”

Facial expressions recorded when the traveller answers will go through an analysis process to determine whether they have been dishonest or not. If identified in the ‘high risk’ category, the system will then pass to a human border control officer to be interviewed in more depth.

Training in polygraph technology at airports

Border security staff will be trained in the use of polygraph technology in a laboratory environment. The training will include simulations of likely scenarios.  Once competent in the use of the IBORDERCTRL program they will go back to work in the field on borders and at airports.

With around 700 million people crossing European Union borders annually, it has placed enormous strain on border security staff.  Being able to distinguish those who are telling the truth and those who are not, will make their lives so much easier. It will also alleviate some fears of the general public who have long been concerned about unscreened immigration.

Manchester Arena bombing

Few will ever forget the terrible tragedy at the Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande Concert.  Terrorist Salman Ramadan Abedi was born of Libyan parents in the UK.  He was known to British intelligence services and had travelled to Libya prior to the attack allegedly to learn how to make bombs. As standard we believe that polygraph technology at airports should be applied to all those traveling in and out of the country who appear on security alert lists.  If it had been, perhaps the 22 people (not including the terrorist) who died would be alive today and the 800 injured, unharmed.

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