Advice from Oldham Polygraph Examiner about Violent Son

Jan 29, 2020

No parent should be afraid of their child and in some cases tough love is the remedy, as our Oldham polygraph examiner explains.

Q: Do you have an Oldham Polygraph Examiner who can help me find out what my son has done?

My son, Isaac seems to have started hanging around with the wrong crowd. He was always such a respectful boy but recently he’s been staying out really late and swearing at me. I’ve confronted him about it and he gets really angry and throws things. It’s getting to the point where I’m beginning to be scared of my own son. He hasn’t a father figure in his life but this never seemed to be an issue.

Isaac’s father was abusive towards me and he saw the devastation it caused, the bruises and the effect it had on my personality. I threw him out 2 years ago when Isaac was 16 and he seemed happy about it. To be honest I don’t know if he was hitting Isaac too. Isaac’s violence appears to be escalating and I don’t want him to end up like his father.

Escalating violence

The reason for my email is that there has been a boy beaten up, quite severely, and he’s now in hospital. There have been eFits being circulated by the police and one of them looks like my Isaac. The issue is a lot of the lads have the same haircuts these days and wear similar clothes, so it could be him or one of his friends. The police have spoken to him and he seemed very nervous about it but they let him go through lack of evidence. If he has done this dreadful thing I want him punished. If he gets into trouble maybe it will give him the attitude adjustment he needs. Do you think a lie detector test could help me?

C. B., Oldham

Response from our Oldham polygraph examiner

The short answer to your query is that a lie detector test can identify whether your son is involved in the beating. It can also find out a great deal more about his activities and associates.

It is always worrying for parents when their children appear to go off the rails. If your son is involved in the attack you mention, it may be time for some tough love.  He’s unlikely to volunteer to take a lie detector test unless he is innocent.

If you would like to call our free helpline, our customer service representatives will be able to give you some tips on how to persuade him. Naturally any call you make to us is confidential.

Alternatively you can book an Oldham lie detector test online or choose any of our North West offices that are more convenient for you.

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