Odd New Year resolutions and lies we tell ourselves

Why do people make New Year resolutions? Most of us do this each year to try and overcome issues that have haunted us the previous year. These little promises to ourselves are often lies, but we just don’t know it yet.

There are the obvious ones if course, like we will lose that weight we’ve piled on during lock down or we will be better with our cash. People like to resolve to spend more time with their friends and family or be more organised. There are a few bizarre people in the world who have made resolutions, which we thought we had to share. We’re unsure why these were made but we thing they are truly comedy gold, or a little unusual to say the least.

  1. A columnist from USA today, Bill Mann wanted to do something a bit different in 2013. He decided to make one of the funniest New Year Resolutions we’ve ever come across, he promised to do more Ironing, Yes you did read that right – ironing! Now this may not sound particularly interesting, or funny in anyway but Bill wanted to do more “Extreme Ironing”. Not commonly known but “Extreme Ironing” is actually a sport, created by British man Phil Shaw in  the 1990s. The sport involves you taking your iron and ironing board and using it in various    locations, like the top of mountains, while tree-climbing, some have even done it while sky-diving or canoeing. There is even a World Extreme Ironing Championship, take a look here
  2. Queen Elizabeth 1 had always been a great lover of hand held fans, In history it was commonplace to provide the queen with a present on the New Year. Not a resolution as such, but when the queen was discussing the type of gifts she would like to receive, The Earl of Leicester picked up on the Queen’s desire for a fan and made a grand gesture. The fan he bought for her was truly majestic, encrusted with the most valuable of gems, such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The rest of the Queen’s entourage saw how happy the Queen was, and were not to be outwitted by the Earl. Therefore, they searched the world to find her the most beautiful fans they could find. Over time this became a tradition and one of these fans can be seen in the The Darnley portrait.  Can you imagine how many fans the queen was given over the years? It amounts to thousands.
  3. One of the greatest mathematicians from the 1900s, Godfrey Harold Hardy made one of the most interesting, but impossible to achieve New Year resolutions we have come across. With nothing else to concentrate on he resolved to become the only person in history to be the president of the USSR, Germany and Great Britain at the same time. This outlandish declaration may have been why his only love was mathematics. And the reason this lonely man was a bachelor his whole life.

With the above being pretty much, either dangerous or unachievable, let’s take a look at a few New Year resolutions that are fun and we may just be able to keep.

Have a photo taken in 5 or the most obscure or interesting places you can find.

This one will help you with the “I want to travel more resolution”. These could be funny ones taken at landmarks or with animals. Take a look at this YouTube video for some of the best taken     by tourists, to give you a few ideas

Try a new food

Why not consider trying a new food each week. With so much out there to choose from you can’t help but keep to this one, and become a real “foodie” in the process. You’ll be able to share your experiences with friends, helping with the “let’s stay in touch more resolution”.

Boost you confidence

Do you fancy giving yourself a little boost of confidence? Why not think about breaking a Guinness Book record? You’d be both surprised, bewildered and amazed at some of the things people hold records for. Here are just a few to get you thinking..

  • Most toothpicks in a beard: 3,500 – Currently held by American born Joel Strasser. It took Joel just over three hours to achieve? Could you beat him?
  • Largest hula hoop spun (female): 17 feet, 0.25 inches in diameter. Currently held by American born Getti Kehayova
  • Tallest hat: 15 feet, 9 inches. – Currently held by Odilon Ozare, another American who had to walk 10 meters with the hat still on his head, nuts!

Lie Detector Tests

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Lying to ourselves is almost always harmless but what about the lies we tell to others, or the ones we think they’re telling us?