Nottingham Polygraph Examiner deals with Identity Theft

When our client became the victim of identity theft, he booked a lie detector test with our Nottingham Polygraph Examiner for the person he suspected of doing it.

Gareth’s Case

Gareth was always careful with money. He budgeted and managed to save at least £300 from his wages each month. He’d been saving for around 10 years as he wanted to buy a house of his own. He’d always rented and thought of it as dead money, his parents said the same. Gareth didn’t believe in credit and only had one credit card. The only reason he’d applied for it was to boost his credit rating. He’d fill the car up and also do his monthly shopping, paying the whole balance off religiously at the end of the month.

Home Sweet Home

When Gareth was ready to purchase he went to his own bank for a mortgage. He’d banked there for years and knew the branch manager well. They’d dated some years back and had remained friends. She’d make sure he got a good deal. At the appointment, they completed all the paperwork and the time came to run a credit check. Gareth was shocked to find out his rating was really low. In fact he had a few CCJ’s for missed loan payments. The loans had been taken out in his name and only about 8 months prior to his mortgage application. The mortgage was declined and aside from the embarrassment he felt, he knew he had a lot of sorting out to do before he could apply again.

The wayward son

The first thing Gareth did was call the police and then he wrote to Experian for a full copy of his credit report. Someone had clearly stolen his identity and he didn’t know who. He was so careful about shredding bank statements and always destroyed anything else with personal data on it.

Over dinner, with his parents, they discussed his brother Graham. They complained he was always asking for money and they felt guilty for not helping him out. Graham had never been any good with money, always looking for a handout and spending what little he earned drinking in bars. Suddenly the penny dropped. Gareth hoped he was wrong but he asked his parents what they thought. Graham’s initials were the same and he had access to Gareth’s personal information. He’d actually stayed with Gareth at the time of the alleged loan being taken out.

Nottingham polygraph examiner

Gareth’s parents agreed there was a strong possibility Graham could have done it but hoped he hadn’t. A lie detector test was booked with our Nottingham Polygraph Examiner and Gareth’s Dad contacted Graham to make sure he’d attend.  Graham was told that Gareth’s identity had been stolen and he believed his brother had done it.  Gareth had no intention of speaking to him again until the polygraph examination had taken place.

Graham agreed to go, as his parents had said they’d disown him if he didn’t.  They were driving him to the test and would stay with him to ensure he kept the appointment.

Polygraph results and report

Graham took the test and the results were received a few hours later.  The report revealed that he’d taken out loans in Gareth’s name.  He actually admitted during the appointment to intercepting the mail from the postman by catching him in the morning and saying he still lived there.

Gareth couldn’t believe his own brother would do that to him. He also couldn’t believe Graham was stupid enough to take a lie detector test knowing he’d fail. Their parents paid off all the debts and Gareth’s credit score was restored due to the police report.

Gareth has finally bought a property but he no longer sees his brother. He couldn’t forgive the deception or see a way back from it.

Quite often when a family member is suspected for committing a crime such as this, there is reluctance to involve the police. Lie detector tests provide a way of handling the matter discreetly. Graham was incredibly lucky not to have ended up in prison. It remains to be seen whether he has learned anything from the experience.