A domestic abuse victim often feels isolated especially when their partner is a respected and well liked member of the community. This crime can go unreported for years since the victim feels they won’t be believed.  A good friend and a Nottingham lie detector test examiner put an end to one victim’s misery.

Sarah’s case

Sarah was worried about her friend Michelle. She was always turning up in sunglasses and complaining of tripping over and knocking into things. There were numerous other excuses that didn’t seem to match the bruises or cuts she had. Sarah had known Michelle’s husband Oli for a few years and he went out drinking quite often until the early hours of the morning. Michelle and Oli lived below her, so she heard the rows and what sounded like screams of pain coming from Michelle. She couldn’t prove it but she knew something wasn’t right.


One day while Oli was out at work, Sarah invited Michelle for a coffee. They sat down and the usual bruises were visible. But these were bad, nothing like she’d ever seen before. Her eye was closed and weeping. There was no need to look at the rest of the injuries and Sarah took (a very unwilling) Michelle to the hospital. While they waited to be seen there was a talk show on in the waiting room. It was about domestic abuse and the presenter was really going at the wife that was beating her husband. She had initially denied beating him but the results of a lie detector test proved otherwise.

Although Michelle’s situation was the opposite, Sarah thought at least this would make her face up to what was going wrong and maybe be able to offer some help to her husband, Oli.

Nottingham lie detector test

Sarah knew that Michelle would never go for it but put on the spot, she wouldn’t back out either.  Oli was a friendly character, liked by most in their community. Sarah thought that half of Michelle’s problem was that no one would believe Oli was violent.  The chances of Oli taking a Nottingham lie detector test, near to where they lived, were close to zero. However, if Michelle took a test it would prove what she was experiencing.

Sarah called us and learned that we could arrange a home visit. She booked and paid for our Nottingham lie detector test examiner to conduct the polygraph examination in her flat. She chose a time when she knew Oli would be at work.

Inviting Michelle over, she felt a little nervous. Michelle was beside herself when Sarah told her she had booked a polygraph test for her. She never thought that her friend cared that much to pay for it. However, Michelle said it was a waste of time and money because Sarah was mistaken. Nevertheless she agreed to keep the appointment and took the test.

The results only confirmed what Sarah knew. Oli was beating Michelle. The examiner had found out her horrible secret.

Secret’s Out

Michelle knew the time was up and she needed to do something about it. She’d tried to kid herself that Oli would stop. He wasn’t going to and she knew she had to get out of there. With the help of the Nottingham lie detector test examiner she found the strength to leave him. It was a difficult decision because at the beginning the relationship had been wonderful. But she realised this had all been an act and he’d never change.

You might wonder why Michelle agreed to take the test. We find that many victims won’t open up to friends and family. The fear they might not be believed and feelings of shame or guilt are often contributory factors for not doing so.  Put in a position where they are telling a complete stranger, whom they may never meet again, it’s much easier for them to be truthful about their situation. Michelle found the strength to leave can you?

If you’d like to discuss or order a Nottingham Lie Detector Test for any reason, please call our confidential and free helpline on 07572 748364. Alternatively, you can make a reservation using our secure online booking system. Don’t put up with domestic abuse – do something about it.