As Jeremy Kyle spends his time playing golf at a luxury resort in Northumberland many of us are left to deal with the aftermath of his now cancelled show. For a man who has always had a lot to say his silence is ‘deafening’.  Our Northumberland Polygraph Examiner, whose calm demeanour would normally be the envy of all, is quite annoyed at how the show has brought our industry into disrepute. Here is his take on the fiasco.

The Jeremy Kyle Show debacle

This show had all the trappings of throwing gladiators into an arena with lions. Participants had, for whatever reason, decided to air their ‘dirty laundry’ in front of millions of viewers and a baying studio audience. The ‘results’ of their lie detector tests were read out and depending on the outcome they’d fall victim to a judgemental tongue lashing from Kyle.  Over the years Kyle went from being judgemental to outright bullying.

The show was axed due to the suicide of one participant following a test that apparently ‘proved’ he had cheated on his girlfriend. Although there is no conclusive evidence that the results caused him to commit suicide, its practices have since been scrutinised.

Inconclusive polygraph test results

Stories have emerged that if a lie detector test proved inconclusive members of the production team would decide what the result should be.  If true, this is outrageous.

Results may prove inconclusive for a variety of reasons.  They range from consumption of drugs and/or alcohol (which is strictly prohibited) before the test to conducting the test in an uncontrolled environment.  To understand fully why inconclusive results occur click on what causes inconclusive lie detector test results?

The founder of UK Lie Tests (the company used by the Jeremy Kyle Show) has a dubious history. Bruce Burgess’s claim to fame is that he ‘cleared’ Andrey Lugovoi of any involvement in the death of Alexander Litvinenko.  It later emerged that Burgess had been paid £5,000 to conduct the lie detector test in Moscow.  During the test Lugovoi was asked if he had ever handled polonium, the substance that killed Litvinenko.  He denied that he had but traces of the poison were found in 3 hotels where Lugovoi had stayed in the run up to his meeting with Litvinenko.

The test results were rejected by Sir Robert Owen who led the inquiry into Litvinenko’s death, during which he questioned the objectivity and professionalism of Burgess.  In addition it was noted that in 2008, Burgess was convicted of perverting the course of justice.  Charged with a speeding offence Burgess attempted to blame it on a Slovakian who he said had been driving his car.  He failed and was found guilty.  More information about this can be accessed by clicking here.

As a Northumberland polygraph examiner I have to be objective, professional, unbiased and absolutely not open to bribery. Above all I must be honest. Without integrity my reputation is worthless irrespective of my qualifications.

 Northumberland poly graph examiner issues lie detector test Invitation to Jeremy Kyle

I don’t imagine that my invitation will be accepted since Kyle refuses to give evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee having been invited to do so.  His refusal has resulted in one MP, Damian Collins calling for him to be imprisoned.

I would like to know exactly how much Kyle knew about the manipulation of lie detector test results.


I have had a number of enquiries from people who took polygraph tests on the Jeremy Kyle Show. They now doubt the results and seek to confirm their veracity.  We have also seen many comments across the full spectrum of social media denigrating the polygraph.

To make something very clear, the polygraph is an investigative tool. The evidence it produces, like any other type of evidence, needs corroboration.  It appears that Kyle relied solely on test results to condemn people.  We don’t have sufficient information as to how test questions were formulated but it appears that the production team were fairly lax in checking whether or not subjects had consumed alcohol and/or drugs.  Indeed some reports suggest that this consumption was actively encouraged. Kyle should give evidence to the committee so that these issues can be clarified.

Using the polygraph for entertainment purposes brings out the very worst in people and undermines its use as a serious investigative tool.

If you have taken a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle Show and are unhappy with the results contact us.  Mention that you have read the Northumberland polygraph examiner’s blog post.