Pilot’s Wings are clipped after Newcastle Lie Detector Test

Infidelity for many people is unforgivable. It’s made much worse when you’ve made sacrifices for an unfaithful partner. Our client ordered a Newcastle lie detector test for her husband when she suspected he was playing around.

Heather’s case

Simon had always wanted to be a pilot. His father had been one before him and besides the obvious perks of the beautiful stewardesses to look at the pay was good, really good. Simon was married and Heather was really supportive of him and urged him to go for it.

A pilot’s wife

Heather was so proud when Simon finally achieved his “wings” as they called it in training. She was soon able to boast she was a pilot’s wife.  It had taken years of training for which many sacrifices had been made. But he finally qualified and got a job with one of the major airlines. He looked so handsome in his uniform, so much so she didn’t want him to leave the house half the time. To start with he would only do short haul flights to Europe so Heather knew he wouldn’t be away from home too much. She was so excited for him to come home in that uniform and even bought a few new things from Anne Summers to welcome him in.

The long haul

After a few months, Simon announced he was completing a trip to China. He hadn’t changed airlines but told Heather he’d been contracted out to another one. Heather didn’t know too much about the industry so she thought nothing more of it. He would be away for 4 days in total and although upset, she went along with it.

Simon was standoffish when he returned home and was adamant he would do his own washing, something he never did. Why suddenly would he be doing the washing and not want her to go into his suitcase? He said something about not wanting her to do too much after he’d been away for so long, weird! She Joked to Simon about booking a Newcastle lie detector test to find out if he was hiding drugs in his suitcase to make a little money on the side.

Flying or lying

Over the next couple of months Simon’s trips got longer. He continued to say he was being contracted out and the more he wasn’t home the more Heather’s mind would wander. He didn’t seem interested in her anymore and she couldn’t remember the last time they were intimate. Heather had confronted him about it and he’d said he was just tired after his trips. She could understand that but he didn’t even want a cuddle or to give her a kiss when he returned home. One day when he came home he went straight to bed. Heather took a peek in his suitcase and it smelt of perfume. When he woke he said he’d bought it for her but it had broken in his bag. It wasn’t her usual fragrance and she was pretty much allergic to everything else.

Newcastle lie detector test

Heather contacted us for a lie detector test in Newcastle shortly after this. Her friend, Julie, had caught her husband cheating with one the previous year and had recommended our service.

Simon thought it was ridiculous but Heather threatened to leave him and take their two daughters with her if he didn’t attend. The Newcastle lie detector test took place the following week and confirmed Heather’s worst fears. There were no long haul flights and he had been spending time with someone else. She sensed before he sat the polygraph examination that he was going to fail, she could see it all over his face.

Heather tried to give their marriage another try but even if he was out on a usual overnighter, she couldn’t stop thinking about where he was or who he was with. Simon offered to take periodic lie detector tests but she couldn’t forgive hm. The trust was gone and that was the end of the marriage for her.

The quickest way to prove infidelity is a polygraph examination.  If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful to you, contact us for an informal, confidential chat.