March 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Mar 31, 2021

March 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

In our March 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup lies and dishonesty have been rife. Are we living in a society where deception is becoming the norm?

Army Infidelity, Pandemic life, Lawsuit against World Health Organisation

1 March – Derby Polygraph Examiner addresses Army Infidelity Issue

2 March – Many spouses are feeling trapped under one roof. Amid the strain, uncertainty and unending sameness of pandemic life, many couples find the bandwidth for intimacy is gone.

2 March – A group of lawyers is preparing to sue the World Health Organization and some of its partners for allegedly misleading the world over the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken to control it

Fake reviews, Commercial lie detector tests, Paedophilia allegations

3 March – How accurate are reviews and how do we know whether they are fake?  Here we compare two platforms and how they deal with fake reviews.

4 March – In November last year our client wrote to us for some advice regarding Sutton Coldfield lie detector tests for her employees. This year she implemented them

5 March – Lie Detector Test in Brighton dispels False Allegations of Paedophilia

Infidelity, International Women’s Day, Sparkles and Prince Hazbeen

6 March – Lie detector test in Kensington – Has my wife cheated on me?

8 March – The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”

9 March – The Fairytale Life of Sparkles and Prince Hazbeen

Harry & Meghan, Plank of the Week, Obsession with ex lovers

10 March – Buckingham Palace issues first statement since Harry and Meghan interview

10 March – Corby Polygraph Examiner advises on dating a Reformed Sex Offender

11 March – Plank of the Week

11 March -Ex Lover count resolved by High Wycombe Lie Detector Test

Fake orgasms, Divorce without consent, Mother’s Day,  Abolishing gender

12 March – Telford Polygraph Examiner advises on Faked Orgasms

13 March – Divorce without Consent Issue resolved by Newark Lie Detector Test

14 March – Give your Mum the Gift of Truth on Mother’s Day 2021

14 March – Tory rips into woke bill that ‘abolishes’ gender, quotes Orwell’s 1984. “As Orwell understood semantics matter because through semantics, via meaning, we find truth. And in the pursuit of truth I stand in solidarity with every woman and mother …”

More infidelity, Sarah Everard vigil, Alex Salmond case, Meghan & Harry query

15 March – Query for Lie Detector Test in North London – Is my Lover cheating on me?

16 March – On 13 March ‘Reclaim These Streets’, the organisers of a proposed vigil for Sarah Everard, tweeted that the event on Clapham Common had been cancelled. What followed was disgraceful politicising of her death.

17 March – David Davis stated in Parliament yesterday that texts have been drawn to his attention by a whistleblower who alleges that the evidence provided ‘point to collusion, perjury, up to criminal conspiracy.’ This is related to the Alex Salmond case.

17 March – Lie Detector test query after Meghan and Harry Interview

Stuart Lubbock death, Car parts theft, Nicola Sturgeon, Compulsive Liar

18 March – MICHAEL Barrymore is said to be “fully committed to uncovering the “truth” about the death of Stuart Lubbock at his mansion 20 years ago, following the recent arrest of a 50 year old suspect.

19 March – Car Parts Theft examined with Solihull Lie Detector Tests

20 March – Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon faced calls to quit on Friday after lawmakers said she misled a parliamentary probe into a botched government investigation of harassment complaints against her biggest political rival

20 March – Compulsive liar takes Birmingham Lie Detector Test

Family dispute, National Reflection Day, Markle lie about wedding

22 March – Margate Lie Detector Test helps reunite Family

23 March – Make National Reflection Day 2021 a Day to Change your Life

24 March – If Meghan Markle was wrong about the wedding, how can we believe anything else in her Oprah interview?

Plank of the Week, Benefit fraud allegations, Batley teacher suspended

25 March – Plank of the Week with Mike Graham

25 March – Benefit Fraud Allegations dispelled by Northampton Lie Detector Test

26 March – Gavin Williamson has condemned the “threats and intimidation” that a teacher has faced after he was suspended for showing his class a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed

26 March – Online Dating Scammer Infidelity exposed by Warwick Lie Detector Test

Warring parents, Boris Johnson affair, Covid-19 Update

27 March – Ramsgate Lie Detector Tests Booked for Warring Parents

28 March – A Greater London Authority probe will examine whether Boris Johnson behaved with “honesty and integrity” regarding his affair with Jennifer Arcuri.

29 March – Our latest Covid-19 Update following the lifting of some restrictions today.

March 2021 Lie Detector Test News

Well that’s it for our March 2021 lie detector test news roundup.  What we can all learn from Meghan Markle’s interview where she tells “her truth” is that one person’s truth is sometimes a lie. Truth is not specific to individuals.  So if you are in doubt about someone’s “truth”, our nationwide polygraph examiners are available to discover the actual truth.

Call Lie Detector Test UK on our Free Helpline  (0800 368 8277)  if you would like to clear the deception from your life.

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