Rory recently asked our Manchester office for a polygraph test on his wife Emma. After beating an alcohol addiction years ago, Rory was worried Emma had relapsed. Rory called our free advice helpline and asked if a polygraph test would help prove that Emma still had alcohol addiction. Here is how his suspicions started and the outcome of the polygraph test.

Suspicious minds 

Having lost her job during lockdown, Emma was bored and lonely working a part time factory job in Manchester. Rory said the suspicions started when Emma would come home late from work, smelling of alcohol and acting drunk. Emma reassured Rory it was nothing to worry about. She said she had gone to a spontaneous goodbye drink after work with some new friends. Feeling guilty about Emma losing her job, Rory decided it was best to forgive and forget about the incident.

Two months later, however, matters got worse. Emma would frequently come home later and later from work. One time Emma even fell asleep in the car, only with Rory to find her the next morning collapsed over the wheel in a deep sleep. Worried that Emma would lose her license, or even worse, cause an accident, Rory rang Emma’s GP office and explained the situation.

I don’t have a problem

Emma was furious Rory had rung her GP behind her back, and refused to go in for tests or help. Instead, she moved out and said he didn’t understand her anymore and asked for space. Rory sadly obliged, and realise he probably hadn’t handled the situation the best way by going behind his partners back.

Two weeks went by, but one evening Emma turned up at the door. She said she had relapsed, but had found help and was back to her old self. Emma said the journey would take a while but that she was sorry and committed to getting better. Rory was grateful to have Emma back and for the apology. A month went by and Rory noticed a big improvement in Emma, she seemed happy and was coming home on time and keeping away from the alcohol.

Time for a polygraph test

Rory had a weekend away with a stag do in Manchester, and when he came back that Sunday evening, he found Emma completely fast asleep so didn’t disturb her. It was only 2 days later that Rory went to put their recycling bin out, and he found 2 empty bottles of wine in the bin. He confronted Emma, who said her friend had turned up for a drink but that she didn’t drink anything.

Tired of the lies, Rory asked Emma if she would take a lie detector test. He explained he needed help restoring some trust back into the relationship. Emma was upset, and asked for time to think about it. Later that day, Emma agreed she would take a lie detector test, desperate to prove she was trying her best.

The outcome

Emma sat her polygraph test in Manchester with us. The results showed that Emma had been telling the truth about the weekend in question, and she had been trying her best with AA to become sober. Thrilled with the results, Rory apologised to Emma who was also relieved to have the evidence that she had been telling the truth.

The couple are happily working through Emma becoming sober and say the test helped improve their communication. Emma says she knows she can be honest and confide in Rory if she feels temptation or a relapse coming on. Rory says he is proud of Emma and understands that the pandemic made it hard for her to kick old addictions.

If you have a suspicion of a loved one and want clarity then book a lie detector test with us today. You can also use our free helpline to call and discuss the options best suitable for you, call us today on 07572 748364.