Case Study | Manchester Lie Detector Test ends Emotional Blackmail

Feb 23, 2019

Emotional blackmail is a form of domestic abuse. Our Manchester lie detector test service put an end to it for Angela and allowed her to move on with her life.

Angela’s case

Angela and Jason had a volatile relationship.  They always fought but in the end made up. It was on one of these occasions they bought Luna, their Siamese cat. He was a chocolate point and although Angela was the cat person of the pair, Jason secretly loved him. Luna had cost almost £800 and had broken the bank for both of them. He was a lively and loving cat, not your typical Siamese. Unlike most cats, (not usually a lap cat), Luna loved nothing more than to lie with Jason day in, day out.

For a while this pacified their relationship. They both loved the cat probably more than each other. Luna was their child replacement. Jason had never wanted children and neither had Angela, so Luna was the perfect alternative. It seemed like a honeymoon period but after a while they started to bicker again, each threatening to leave the flat and take Luna with them. This was enough for one or the other to back down.

Emotional blackmail

Jason knew how much Angela loved Luna and he’d use this fact to keep her with him. They’d argue constantly and in the end he’d threaten to leave with poor Luna. Angela soon became wise to this and knew she needed to do something. She loved Jason but knew her life would be better without him. Unfortunately she wasn’t prepared to leave Luna behind and therefore stayed with Jason much longer than was healthy for her.

Angela was never able to tell if Jason actually wanted Luna or just kept saying he’d take him to hurt her. She decided to do something about it.

Manchester lie detector test

She’d read about our Manchester lie detector test service on the internet, how the polygraph detects the most deceitful of lies and so she booked one for Jason. She spoke in depth to the polygraph examiner who made it clear that asking if Jason loved the cat wasn’t possible. This is because love, like other emotions, is transitory. He might love Luna on the day of the test but not the day after.  However, the test would establish if he was using the cat solely to keep Angela with him. And that was all Angela needed to know.

Jason laughed, of course, thinking what a stupid and silly idea it was but he agreed to take the test.

Results reveal the truth

Angela was frantic waiting for the results but found out the truth on the day. Jason didn’t even want the cat and was only using Luna as an excuse to prolong their relationship.

It didn’t take long for Angela to decide to leave after that. She’d had enough of the emotional blackmail. Using Luna in this way was despicable. The Manchester lie detector test proved that Angela should have gotten out of the relationship earlier and not wasted more of her life trying to make things work.

Domestic abuse takes many forms and our polygraph examiners have dealt with all of them. Find out today how our Manchester lie detector test service can set you free.  If you live elsewhere in Britain, our service is nationwide. Tests can be booked securely online or by calling our Free Helpline on 0800 368 8277.

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