Luton lie detector test proves gambling addiction

A Luton lie detector test proves gambling addiction. Our client Jo came to us when she suspected her brother Dom had become addicted to gambling, Here is Jo’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK gave her the answers she needed to support Dom.

The beginning

Jo recalls how Dom has had a past bad experience with store credit cards. She says how after a bad breakup Dom turned to online shopping for comfort. Months later Dom confided in Jo the state of his finances, and together they helped pay off his debts.

Suspicions start

Dom lost his job during the pandemic and was finding it hard to find replacement work. Jo became worried about Dom when she saw multiple scratch cards in his kitchen bin. She decided to ignore it and give him a chance, however when she visited again a week later she saw multiple notifications on his phone from betting websites.


Jo decided to confront Dom about his gambling habits returning. Dom denied having a problem again and said the scratch cards were his friends, and the gambling apps were just adverts trying to get him to sign up again. However, Jo wasn’t able to shake off her suspicions. She decided to research her options of help online and read a blog on the Lie Detector Test UK website.

Lie detector test

Jo realised that if she boked a lie detector test she might be able to get Dom to confess or realise he had an issue with gambling again. She rang our helpline and booked a lie detector test on behalf of Dom for a week later at our Luton offices. Jo told Dom later that day about booking the lie detector test and Dom agreed to take it, saying he had nothing to hide.

The results

The brother and sister turned up to our Luton office and Dom took his test. The results showed that Dom had been lying. He confessed to Jo that his gambling addiction had come back. He said it started with scratch cards as he was struggling money wise and wanted to quickly make more. Then he had moved onto the betting apps, but he had drawn up more and more debt. Embarrassed that he was gambling again he tried to keep it quiet from Jo. Jo comforted her brother and said that together they would seek professional help for him and get him the support he needed to finally overcome his addiction. They both thanked Lie Detector test for their professionalism and help.

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