London polygraph test proves theft

A London polygraph test recently helped our client David when he suspected his employee Gavin guilty of stealing from him. Here is David’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

David owns a successful landscaping business. Lockdown has meant that David has seen a sudden surge in business and he needed extra help. His friend recommended his cousin Gavin who was a keen gardener and looking for someone to take him on. David agreed to train Gavin, desperate for the extra help.

Suspicion starts

Gavin got off to a great start working for David. David recalls how Gavin had a great attitude towards work, was always early and always keen to learn new skills. However, only two months into employing Gavin, David started to notice that small things were going missing. On shift one day Gavin noticed he couldn’t find his new set of hedgerow clippers. He assumed he must have left them at his previous clients house. Ringing the client, Gavin was informed that he hadn’t left them at the client’s house. Things got worse when he noticed he was also missing his new hammer and chainsaw. Confused what was happening, he decided to ask Gavin if he had borrowed the equipment.


David confronted Gavin the next day at work, and Gavin denied borrowing or knowing where the equipment was. David decided to trust him, but couldn’t help feeling he was acting strangely. David’s suspicion was confirmed when later that evening, David went for a drink at the local pub. Ranting to the local barman about his missing equipment, David was shocked when the barman showed him a Facebook marketplace posting. The post was posted by someone called Leanne, who was 2 miles from the area. She was selling a hammer, chainsaw and clippers saying that she was “clearing out after her husband left her”. David knew the equipment was his and decided to message the seller.

More lies

Leanne replied to David that evening and offered him to come and collect the items from her London home. David had decided to act as a customer and pretend he wanted to buy the items. He turned up at Leanne’s house, and told her that she was selling his stolen equipment. Leanne denied that she knew Gavin and but said she had bought them from a local car boot, and gave them back to David immediately. David thought that Leanne had given the items back too quickly without argument, and suspected Gavin guilty.

The Test

David researched his options online for how to get someone to confess to stealing. He came across Lie Detector Test UK and decided to book a test for the following week at our London office. He told Gavin he wanted him to take the test and Gavin agreed, saying he wanted to prove his innocence. The pair turned up to our office and Gavin took his polygraph test. The test showed that Gavin was guilty of lying. He asked to speak to David and confessed he had stolen the equipment and given the items to his girlfriend Leanne to sell on Facebook. He apologised and said he understand that he could no longer work for David.

Gambling addiction

He admitted to a gambling during lockdown and said he was going to seek professional help to overcome his addiction. He wanted the extra cash to spend in the casino and feed his addiction. David said he wouldn’t press charges but warned him he would report him if he found out he had stolen from anyone ever again. The pair parted ways and David rang to thank us for our help in his case. Gavin also got in touch to say he is now undergoing counselling and support for his gambling addiction thanks to Lie Detector Test UK and David giving him the wake up call he needed.

If you suspect someone guilty of stealing or suspect they have an unhealthy addiction then book a test online today. You can also call us on our free helpline on 07572 748364.