Case Study | London Lie Detector Test for Infidelity reveals Serial Cheater

Apr 10, 2021

London Lie Detector Test for Infidelity reveals Serial Cheater

This is our first case when a husband admitted to being a serial cheater and then retracted it. A London lie detector test for infidelity revealed the truth.

Jess’s Case

A few weeks after Jess married her husband, Ralph, he told her that he had a son conceived during their 2 year committed relationship before they married. It later transpired after a DNA test that the child wasn’t his. But he kept in touch with the mother for more than 10 years and financially supported her.

During their 15 year marriage Ralph was a moody, secretive person which caused many arguments in the early years.  Over time, with 2 children of their own Jess became too tired to argue.

Suspicious behaviour

3 years into the marriage, a short while after the birth of their first child Ralph went out a lot with his mates.  Often he would return home in the early hours of the morning or not at all.  When he was out he never answered his phone and never called Jess to tell her he would be late. When she complained he generally confessed to having one-night stands with women he worked with.

6 years after they married,  and 18 months after their second child was born, Ralph’s father became ill and he said he was going to spend a couple of weeks with him in Leeds.  4 months later he still hadn’t returned home and told Jess that he was considering starting a new business with someone he’d met there.


When he finally came home, 7 months later, Jess found out that he’d been sleeping with a teenage girl the entire time he’d been staying with his father. Not prepared to put up with his infidelity any longer, Jess arranged some counselling. The couple’s counsellor seemed to be more on Ralph’s side than hers but nevertheless they stayed together, not least because of the kids.

Naturally the trust was damaged beyond repair for Jess. His furtive behaviour and dark moods didn’t help.  A few weeks ago, for the first time, she found Ralph had gone out without his phone. And he’d left it unlocked, something he never did. She discovered he had been sexting another young girl. When he got home, she exploded with rage.  He told her that she was “making a mountain out of a molehill”. After all it wasn’t infidelity was it? You can’t physically have sex over the internet!

During the course of the argument, Ralph told Jess that he had lied to her about the one night stands. He’d just told her what she wanted to hear, he said. Their whole marriage had evolved around her paranoia and jealousy he told her.

London lie detector test for infidelity

Jess didn’t believe that he’d never had sex with the girl because the content of their texts suggested otherwise. She called us to order a London lie detector test for infidelity.

There was no problem at all getting Ralph to agree to the test which she found very odd but then maybe he thought he could beat it.

One of our London polygraph examiners conducted Ralph’s lie detector test at home.  Jess went to her mother’s for the day.  In the pre-test interview Ralph admitted to the affair with an 18 year old when he visited his father.  However, he said he’d been driven to it by his wife’s constant unfounded accusations.  The relationship he’d had before they married was a mistake and he’d continued to help the girl because she was a family friend.  He felt guilty for using her and then dumping her when she was pregnant.

He’d never had a one night stand and the girl he was sexting was just to give his wife what she wanted.  Leaving his phone at home had been deliberate.

He appreciated that he’d broken the trust in the early days but even that had been down to the constant, mind bending accusations.

Ralph’s London lie detector test results were sent to Jess within 24 hours.  They confirmed everything that was divulged in the pre-test interview.


Jess and Ralph have decided to give counselling another try.  We hope they manage to repair their marriage.

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