Little White Lies we tell on Christmas Day

There are many things we do at Christmas that we never normally do at any other time of the year.  But the little white lies we tell on Christmas Day are so predictable because we tell them every year.

It’s true, Christmas is a wonderful time of year and most (even though some don’t admit it) look forward to it in one way or another. The time off work, the parties, the catching up with friends and family and of course the enormous amount of food we tend to eat. This year will be different for us all but hopefully the feast will remain the same.

The Christmas Turkey

When in the entire year have we gone to the supermarket and asked for a whole turkey to cook for a Sunday roast? This dry and flavourless meat isn’t appealing at any other time of the year, but on Christmas Day. You can try to cook the unappealing bird in many different ways but it always tastes the same. Needless to say, we all tell a little fib at this moment to the person who has slaved over the stove for hours and say it’s the only turkey we’ve ever eaten that hasn’t been dry.

We listen intently to what they did differently to most other people and respond that maybe we will try the same method the following year. We don’t of course, the turkey was dry but no one wants to admit it. Instead we smother it in gravy and bread sauce, hoping some of the liquid will penetrate the bird and make it more palatable. This first of little white lies we tell on Christmas Day then leads to others.

Bread Sauce

There are some people out there that do like bread sauce. These people often have it with their traditional Sunday roast. Others only have it on Christmas day. Why? We find ourselves again telling a little fib that this liquid, stodgy bread is wonderful and the best we’ve ever tasted. Come on! Liquefied bread is just that and other than adding a few herbs or spices it is about as tasteless as the bird.


 A traditional Sunday roast usually comprises meat with potatoes, and maybe two or three different vegetables to accompany it. Why at Christmas do we feel the need to cook every vegetable under the sun? We weigh the table down with carrots, peas, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and parsnips. There are so many sides to your meal that you find yourself using the sideboard and other flat surfaces to find the space to place all of this magnificent food. In our normal lives we would never consider for a moment eating all of this veg in one go (unless you’re a vegetarian, of course). But we do it because it’s Christmas. It’s too much food for the whole town you live in to eat, but you smile politely, eat till you can’t move and tell your host what a magnificent job they have done.

Lie detector test

We are not for one minute suggesting that you, as the chef of this culinary masterpiece, ask your guests to complete a lie detector test to find out if the compliments you’ve received are truthful. Was your turkey dry? Did you cook way too much food? Did your guests enjoy it? Of course they did! It was tasty and your efforts are always appreciated. People adore you for making this monumental meal for all to enjoy.

However, as we all know Christmas is a time for family. We are approaching the New Year and it’s a time to reflect and get those unresolved issues sorted out, once and for all. Maybe you’ve fallen out with a friend or family member over rumours they claim are untrue. It could be that you have been accused of being unfaithful and you want to prove your fidelity. Or maybe you need your partner to prove theirs. There is usually no harm in the little white lies we tell on Christmas Day but are there some more serious lies you think you are being told? 

Christmas lie detector test discount

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We understand that you may not want people to know you’re having a lie detector test. At Christmas with everyone home from work, having a test at home may not be possible. That’s why we want to offer all tests for the same price as a home test, just £395.00 including VAT. We have no hidden or additional costs at the last minute. The price you see is the price you pay.

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