The spat between Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney reminds us of the bride who made her guests take lie detector tests over who leaked her wedding attire plans.  We think the Vardy/Rooney social media leaks could easily be resolved with a Lincolnshire lie detector test.

What’s all the fuss about?

Colleen Rooney alleges that her friend Rebekah leaked fake stories about her to the press for money.  Colleen had long suspected that it was Rebekah so set about proving it.  Posts that appeared on Instagram were made solely visible to Rebekah.  When one leaked, Colleen feels she has had her suspicions confirmed.

However, Rebekah denies this and says that her Instagram account may have been hacked.  So much so, that she has ordered an investigation by lawyers into the alleged hacking,

The two became friends having met at football games in which their husbands played.

Social media investigations

Trying to investigate anything on social media is fraught with difficulties.  Social media platforms seldom reveal information about accounts to outsiders unless presented with a court order.

As recent studies have shown, accounts can be hacked and if reported swift action is usually taken.  However, if someone obtains your login and password details it’s difficult to prove that you didn’t post something.

Lincolnshire lie detector test

The easiest way to clear this up is for Rebekah to take our Lincolnshire lie detector test, which can be conducted near to her home.  It’s a fast way to get to the truth.

She is clearly very upset about the allegations and hurt that her friend Colleen would even suggest that she would be guilty of such a thing.

We invite Rebekah to contact us with a view to arranging a polygraph examination. With a fully analysed report, peer reviewed by our fully qualified, forensic psychologist polygraph examiners she can prove to her friend unequivocally that she is not responsible.

Social media and false allegations

As polygraph examiners we handle a lot of cases involving false allegations and many of them relate to social media posts.

We regularly see how they can wreck family and work relationships, as well as ruin friendships. People can be shunned by colleagues at work for something that has been posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platform that is heavily subscribed to.  Jobs have been lost and marriages destroyed.

The concept of innocent until proven guilty doesn’t exist when the social media ‘judge and jury’ is out.

Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy

When friends fall out there are hurt feelings all round.  Good friends are hard to come by so unless you are absolutely sure about their disloyalty isn’t it better to try to get to the truth?  We are ready and waiting for your call to help you resolve the matter.

If your life is being made a misery over false allegations, no matter on social media or otherwise, contact us to find out if we can help.  Invariable we can.

Our polygraph services are nationwide and you can rely on the utmost confidentiality from our customer service staff and polygraph examiners.