Lie detector tests in Chesterfield identify Luxury Car Joyrider

Our client had a lucrative contract that he didn’t want to lose. When a problem arose that put it in jeopardy, he ordered 6 lie detector tests in Chesterfield to identify who caused it.

Mike’s Case

Mike loved his job. He worked for a transport and logistics company that imported luxury cars and had driven them all. It may only have been driving them out of one container to the other but he had them all under his belt. Once a year the rich and famous kids of Dubai imported their cars into the UK and then they would fly over to meet them. The purpose of this trip was for them to drive around Britain for a month to show their wealth. Once the showing off was over the cars were exported back to Dubai.

Mike’s job was to ensure the cars remained safe and undamaged and it wasn’t an easy job. He was required to remove his boots and his dirty clothing when driving them, so the cars remained in pristine condition. He lived in a paper suit but this meant he’d driven cars most could only dream of, like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the American imported Mustangs and Corvettes. The cars would come out of the container and wait for collection in the warehouse.

Low mileage

Normally the cars that arrived had very few miles on the clock. Mike couldn’t understand it. If he owned these motors he’d be driving them all the time. There were only 6 people in the company allowed to go near the cars – Mike, his foreman and 4 cleaners. Mike unloaded the cars as usual and noted their mileage; this was one of the important tasks he had. He had to ensure no unnecessary mileage was added to these prize possessions. The owners would calculate their mileage before the cars were returned to the port.

Joy ride

When the season was over, Mike always looked forward to the next one but he was pulled into the office unexpectedly. James, his foreman, said there had been a complaint raised by the owners of two of the cars. There were an extra 400 miles on each unaccounted for. To Mike, this was nothing but to the owners of the cars it was devastating. They knew someone else had been joy riding in their cars and that wasn’t on. The foreman asked each of the people, who had access to the cars and their keys, if they knew anything about it. This once a year event was very important to the company and if they lost the contract they would surely go under. Everyone denied being responsible so James contacted our polygraph services in the East Midlands.

Lie detector tests in Chesterfield

James wanted to show the Dubai families that the company was taking the matter seriously and so ordered 6 tests for his employees. Each person sat their lie detector test in the foreman’s office. James was nervous. He trusted his staff and couldn’t believe they would put their company and job in jeopardy. The lie detector tests in Chesterfield revealed that Charlie, one of the cleaners, had taken the cars joyriding. He was supposed to be cleaning them and decided to take them out for a spin, not a short one either by all accounts. He was dismissed on the spot and the disciplinary action reported to the car owners.

The company kept their contract but James supervises every process of the arrival, cleaning and departure of the vehicles now. Periodic lie detector tests remain in his employees’ contracts.

Periodic lie detector tests

If you have lucrative contracts and a reputation to protect, periodic lie detector tests can help you keep them.  Our polygraph examiners operate throughout the East Midlands and nationwide. Contact us for more information via our website or our free helpline – 07572 748364.