New Bill introduces Lie Detector Tests for Domestic Abusers released on Licence

Nov 22, 2022 | Law, Relationship

Lie detector tests for domestic abusers who are considered to be ‘high risk’ may become compulsory when they are released from prison on licence.  This, among many other proposals, was published by the government in a draft domestic abuse bill yesterday.

Polygraph tests are already compulsory for sex offenders when made a condition of their early release licence.

This long overdue legislation also makes provision for victims of domestic abuse not to be cross examined in family courts by their abusers. The draft domestic abuse bill acknowledges the complexity of these crimes and places the requirements of victims and their families uppermost.

Costs associated with domestic abuse

Data in support of the bill was submitted by the Home Office relating to how much money domestic abuse costs the taxpayer. These included costs to the NHS, police and victim support services. Added to the emotional and physical harm attributed to domestic abuse the overall cost amounts to around £66 billion annually.

Lie detector tests for domestic abusers

If domestic abusers are released on licence a condition of such release may be taking periodic lie detector tests until their sentence is complete.

As polygraph service providers we have worked with domestic abuse across the spectrum.  Our clients often come to us because they fear they will not be believed.  This especially applies to survivors where the abuse took place decades ago when they were children.

It also applies to men who have been domestically abused. Who would believe that tiny woman who is your wife might beat you physically or emotionally torture you?

The remainder of our cases are lie detector tests for domestic abusers arranged by their partners.  These individuals are often arrogant and believe they can beat the test or agree to it because they are genuinely seeking help to repair their relationships.

With emotional and economic abuse included in the proposed new bill life is going to be made a lot easier for those subjected to it.

Booking a test

We aim to keep our polygraph services as discreet and easily accessible as possible.  We have a secure online reservation system and a free helpline – 800 368 8277.  Quite often people like to a seek advice in these matters before booking a test. Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to listen and to advise whether or not a lie detector test is suitable in your specific circumstances. We will never share your details with anyone else.

Taking the first step out of an abusive relationship is difficult especially when it has gone on for a long time. Thousands have managed it and now enjoy happier lives, free from abuse. Their journey of recovery often begins with a lie detector test. Talk to us today.

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