Lie Detector Test UK October News Roundup

Oct 31, 2019

With the summer behind us and the colder weather closing in, it’s a great time to get your life in order in preparation for the Christmas and the New Year festivities. Our examiners have been busy helping you this month with your problems and getting you the truth you deserve.

We have the usual case studies and have focused on some of our more professional clients. Our examiners have answered many of your questions and given some valuable advice. We’ve taken a look at some of the important stories in the news. And we’ve sent out more invitations to politicians and high profile individuals to take lie detector tests. If you’ve missed out on some of the exciting things we’ve covered this October, below is a news roundup.

Boris Johnson lies, Cruel carer, Professor Marsden movie

1 October – LBC’s Shelagh Fogarty asks why there are no consequences to “Boris Johnson’s lies”.

1 October – The Daily Record investigates a cruel carer who was struck off for abusing dementia patients

2 October – Movie review, we follow the story of Professor Marsden and the Wonder Woman. A new movie about the life of the man who created the polygraph

Ukraine polygraph test, Coffee shop theft, Care agency screening failure

2 October – Former Ukraine President fails to attend a court-approved lie detector test. Read the full story in Newsweek now

2 October – Manchester coffee shop owner finds family member dipping into more than their coffee. Read out case study here

4 October – Failing care agency sent a carer convicted of a violent offence to a home to work with the vulnerable. The Eastern Daily Press reports on this shocking mistake

Coca Cola competition, Cheating husband, Prime Ministers’ lies

4 October – Could you stay off your smart phone for a year for the chance to win $100,000 dollars at the end of it? Meet the girl who is trying to do just that

5 October – We complete a test in Ipswich to reveal a cheating husband. Did Stella take him back and give him another chance? Read on to find out

6 October – Leeds polygraph examiner explores the lies allegedly told by two Prime Ministers

Infidelity in Chelmsford, Lie detector tests in the White House, Cheating pilot

7 October – Policeman’s girlfriend in Chelmsford takes an infidelity lie detector test, was she yelling the truth?

8 October – Donald Trump considers making his staff take lie detector tests after becoming obsessed with leaks coming out of the White House

9 October – Pilot in Newcastle risks career and marriage before being made to take a lie detector test

Jeremy Kyle aftercare, Mother-in-law from hell, workplace theft

9 October – Coroner told a Jeremy Kyle guest was sent home after he wished he was dead. Read the full scoop from The Guardian here

11 October – Bride and Prejudice Mother in Law “from hell” fails lie detector test, read the full story here

11 October – Polygraph tests in London could help to combat workplace theft, sensitively and professionally. Read on for more information

Lie detector test invitations, Cheating wife, Uber passenger assault

13 October – Our invitation to John Bercow to take a lie detector test. Is he impartial or not?

14 October – Invitation to Rebekah Vardy to take a Lincolnshire lie detector test

16 October – Lie detector test in Newcastle exposes cheating wife

16 October – We invite Uber to contact us to introduce pre-employment screening, lets feel safer on our way home after assault on vulnerable passenger

More Jeremy Kyle, Care home abuse, Brexit

18 October – MP’s write to Jeremy Kyle about provocative behaviour

19 October – Care home abuse query regarding lie detector tests in South London

20 October – Let’s do something about leaving or remaining in the EU, Brexit uncertainty

Employment screening at the White House, Gambling addiction, cheating firefighter

21 October – Are you willing to take a lie detector test, US Trump wants staff to undergo polygraph examinations for all White House staff to ensure the honesty of all staff

21 October – Case study for Manchester gambling addict

23 October – Case Study – Womanising firefighter takes Bath lie detector test

People trafficking, Political lies, Eating disorder, Infidelity in the medical profession

25 October – Polygraph examiners in Essex investigate trailer deaths. Do we know who was to blame?

27 October – Are political lies becoming acceptable? Let’s take a look to find out

28 October – Eating disorders, Cardiff people suffering from them aren’t always who you think they are. Take a peek at our case study to find out more

30 October – Exeter lie detector expert investigates GP infidelity

If you think we have missed anything in our October news roundup let us know.  Readers’ contributions are always welcome.  And you know where we are if you need a lie detector test for any matter.

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