February Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Feb 28, 2019

It’s been a month when there have been so many areas where polygraph tests would make a positive difference we can’t include them all.  This is our first monthly lie detector test news roundup of cases we believe can benefit or have benefited from our polygraph services.


1 February – Since the Windrush scandal emerged there have been a number of cases where Commonwealth nationals have been deported because they cannot, for one reason or another, prove they have the right to stay in the UK.  One such case is that of Dean Ablakwa who was deported despite having been born in Britain.  Now 34 he had worked in the NHS and paid taxes for over 10 years. It appears both his parents were killed when he was 5 years old and on holiday in Ghana with his parents.  His documents were lost, including his passport, but he returned to the UK on a fraudulent one.  Click here to read the full story.

Currently polygraph technology is being piloted at 3 European airports for border security. In the UK the Home Office uses polygraph services to monitor sex offenders and domestic abusers as a condition of their early release licence.  It would be simple for people like Dean Ablakwa to take a London lie detector test as part of the investigation of their credentials before deportation.

Cardiff lie detector test news

7 February – We published a case study of one of our clients whose son was addicted to steroids. Drug, alcohol and gambling addictions are destroying people’s lives all over the UK.  Our client’s son managed to turn his life around after his Cardiff lie detector test.  Learn more about this case study by clicking here.  Few people are aware of the important role polygraph services play in helping addicts face up to their problems.


12 February – Before being convicted of the murder of Alesha Mcphail her 16 year old murderer, Aaron Campbell, pleaded not guilty and accused others of the crime.  A lot of anguish, time and expense could have been avoided had he taken a lie detector test in Scotland.

Sussex lie detector test news

13 February – Samantha Markle, sister of the Duchess of Sussex, challenged Megan to take a lie detector test alleging that she had “liabetes”.  This family feuding might easily be put to bed if the Duchess accepted.  Click here for the full story.


19 February – Rachel Tinsley from Warringto was given a 20 month prison sentence when she stabbed her boyfriend for cheating on her.  Most modern couples choose lie detector tests to check each other out before committing to a relationship. When infidelity is suspected, seeking the services of a polygraph examiner is infinitely safer than picking up a knife. Learn more about the Tinsley case here


26 February – We have warned about the dangers of dating apps and websites many times.  Had the partner of Margaret Parsons from St Austell, used polygraph services to check her out he wouldn’t have been stabbed and she wouldn’t be spending 18 months in prison. Her partner would have found out that she had previous form for attacking another man she’d met through the Plenty of Fish site.  Read about it here

Shamima Begum

26 February – This jihadi bride wants to come back to the UK to allegedly “live quietly” with her child. We believe a safe way to allow an ISIS member back into the country is for them to be subjected to a lie detector test prior to entry.

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