Yesterday a 3 hour hearing took place before US District Court Judge Richard Berman, as prosecutors requested that the criminal proceedings against the late Jeffrey Epstein be officially closed. However, alleged victims of the financier who committed suicide on 10 August this year have asked that investigations progress to indict his “co-conspirators”. Among those named is Prince Andrew, Duke of York. In the light of allegations made against the Prince we invite him to take a lie detector test in Windsor or in any other convenient location.

Alleged victims

Over 20 women were permitted to make victim impact statements during the hearing.  All allege that they were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein.  They say that the abuse took place when they were teenagers either on Epstein’s Little St James Island in the Caribbean or in his Manhattan home.

Some stated that they were just 14 years old when the abuse began.  Others that Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Robert Maxwell) had been a co-abuser with Epstein. They allege that Ms Maxwell procured young girls for Epstein’s sexual pleasure when she was his girlfriend. These claims have been consistently denied by Ms Maxwell.  Her whereabouts are unclear since Epstein’s suicide.

You can learn more about the full scale of the sexual abuse allegations by clicking here

Below is a press interview with some of the alleged victims:



Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, now 35, has alleged that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew at the age of 17 by Epstein.  The Duke of York denies that any such abuse took place.  Click on Buckingham Palace Statement to read what the Prince has officially stated following the death of Epstein and subsequent allegations made against him.

Ms Giuffre is adamant that she is telling the truth and has asked that the Prince “comes clean” about it.

The value of a polygraph examination to an investigation

The polygraph has proven a useful investigative tool for many years.  Whilst commonly referred to as a lie detector test, its main purpose is to detect deception.  If it does so, further investigation of such deception ensues.  A polygraph examination takes around 2 hours and at least one hour is spent in pre-test interview.  The polygraph examiner often derives information during the pre-test interview which may not be known to investigators.

After the test has been conducted a fully analysed, peer reviewed report is produced containing everything the examiner has found. Such reports often steer investigations in directions that may not have been considered prior to the test.

We believe that if Prince Andrew takes a lie detector test, the results from it will be useful for progressing further investigation into him.  He is either telling the truth or not.

Lie detector test in Windsor

As highly professional polygraph examiners we understand fully the necessity of discretion in all matters.  Whether we conduct a lie detector test in Windsor for Prince Andrew or one in Manchester for a supermarket checkout operator, all our clients are treated equally.  Wherever the truth needs to be found in the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic our polygraph examiners are available to assist.

Do you think Prince Andrew should take a lie detector tests?  Let us know.