Lie detector test in Winchester reveals Military Infidelity

When  one of his wife’s girlfriends came home on leave from the army, our client suspected there was more to their relationship than friendship.  He booked a lie detector test in Winchester to discover the truth.

Doug’s case

Joanne and Doug had been married for a little over a year when he started to have doubts about his wife’s sexuality. They’d met at work and talked at length about their previous sexual history. Joanne told him that when she was at university she had “experimented” with a roommate, Christina. They’d tried it and both decided to be friends instead. They’d remained friends and Christina had eventually moved away to pursue her career in army intelligence.

A blast from the past

Christina called Joanne about 4 months prior to Doug starting to worry. She was on leave and said she wanted a girly catch up, just the girls. Doug had met her when she visited once or twice before but he always seemed to be pushed out. They’d chat about the past and things that Doug wasn’t involved in. Usually he’d slope off to his friends and leave them to it. The problem was Joanne seemed to be spending more time with Christina than her husband. One evening his friend Jack joked that Doug should ask for a threesome and that was the final straw. If his friends were thinking that and he certainly was, he had to confront her.

Lie detector test in Winchester

Doug didn’t want to know the answer but asked her anyway. Her reaction was obvious but she denied his suspicions and accused him of being possessive. He’d seen the look on her face when he asked and had to know the truth. He confronted her head on and explained he’d booked a lie detector test in Winchester because he simply wanted the truth. If she wasn’t doing anything wrong then she’d have no problem taking it.

Joanne agreed to to take the test the following week. Her family had very strong marriage values and she couldn’t end a relationship over this after a year.  It transpired that she had asked Christina whether it was possible to cheat the lie detector test and her friend gave her some tips. Unfortunately for Joanne our polygraph examiner, with many years of experience in his field, was fully aware of all the tricks.

Was it worth it?

Joanne failed the lie detector test in Winchester. She’d been having an affair with Christina since she’d returned to town. She pleaded with Doug not to end their very short marriage but he just couldn’t forgive her. The worst thing was that Doug had always been pretty open-minded. Two women in bed  was what “most guys dream of, right?” he said. (Our examiner reserved judgement).  If she’d have owned up early in their relationship that she was bi-sexual, he could have handled it. It wasn’t the affair as such, it was the lies.

Joanne found out later that she wasn’t the only love of Christina’s life so has paid a heavy price for cheating on her husband.

Military infidelity

If you are in the military and suspect infidelity, or in civilian life but believe your partner is having an affair with someone in the military you can rely on our utmost discretion. Whether you need polygraph services in Winchester or nationwide, our examiners are available to help uncover the truth in any situation.  If you have a problem in which dishonesty is involved call us on our free helpline today – 07572 748364.  Alternatively you can do as our client did and book a test online.