The use of the lethal drug Spice has prompted a startling rise in call outs to the ambulance and emergency services. The callers sometimes report fatalities of people who have smoked this very dangerous synthetic cannabinoid. Paramedics reported in 2018 that some areas in the UK have been dealing with 6 times the amount of that in 2017. The drug can put people in a zombie like state and this is why Kiera contacted us for a lie detector test in Nottingham. She wanted to know if her son, Darren, was taking this potentially fatal concoction.

The walking dead

Kiera knew Darren was smoking cannabis but he didn’t seem to do this often. She didn’t like it but at 21 and no longer living at home there wasn’t a lot she could do about it. All she asked was when he came round for his dinner on a Monday that he hadn’t used it. He’d turned up stoned a few times and been asked to leave or Kiera would threaten to call the police and tell them he was smoking it. Darren claimed he smoked it because he had anxiety and depression. In his mind it was no different than taking pills from the doctor, so what was the harm? Keira would always point out that smoking cannabis was in fact illegal and he shouldn’t do it at all.

Something had changed in Darren. She was accustomed to seeing him after he’d smoked cannabis but this time it was different. He arrived as usual on Monday but just stood gazing vacantly in the doorway. Kiera knew she needed to call an ambulance and when the paramedics arrived their opinion was that he’d been smoking spice. The “zombie drug” they called it.

Better the devil you know

Kiera spoke to Darren when he came round in the emergency room and asked him about taking the Spice. He said this was the first and the last time.

Kiera wasn’t taking any chances. Darren had been in the hospital most of the night and she’d had a lot of time to search the internet on the effects of Spice and how addictive it can become. If it was more than once then he could have a problem and he would need help before it got out of hand.

Lie detector test in Nottingham

She wasted no time in contacting us to discuss a polygraph test for Darren. We advised that Darren couldn’t take any drugs before the test. Kiera booked the test for the day Darren was released from hospital. Being clean from any drugs in his system Darren left the hospital and came straight to us.

The results showed that Darren had been telling the truth and didn’t want to get in that state again. When he was at the hospital they had told him about the dangers of Spice. Their advice and his frightening experience stopped him smoking any more Spice and, to Kiera’s relief, any cannabis from then on.

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