Lie Detector Test in Newbury exposes Coronavirus Lockdown Cheat

For some people working away from home during the coronavirus lockdown provided an ideal opportunity for infidelity.  Our client ordered a lie detector test in Newbury to find out what her husband was doing.

Bonnie’s Case

Bonnie and Damon had been married for approximately 5 years when their daughter Carrie was born. They struggled financially when she first arrived. But things started to look up when Damon was offered a job with an insurance provider in Newbury. They discussed the details and decided he couldn’t afford to turn it down. Damon promised he’d stay in the provided accommodation throughout the week and then travel back to Scotland to spend the weekend with his family. This plan worked for a few months and the extra money coming in was making life so much more comfortable, but Bonnie was nervous.

Coronavirus lockdown

When coronavirus lockdown measures were put in place Damon called Bonnie and said that his company was staying open throughout the lockdown. Bonnie thought this was odd and asked him why he couldn’t work from home. He said he needed to be near London in case of meetings and so forth.  But what meetings could there be, Bonnie asked, when the whole country was locked down? Damon told her she was being paranoid when she questioned him but things just didn’t seem right.

The more Bonnie thought things through, the more she worried he was having an affair. All her friends and family were working from home. Why would Damon want to stay in Newbury, rather than be at home with her?

Too much time to think

It was hard for Bonnie, at home alone with her new baby. She was exhausted and all she could think about was whether or not Damon was cheating on her. She called her best friend for a chat one day and she said Bonnie should book him a lie detector test in Newbury. After the call, Bonnie went online and was upset to find there were no appointments available due to lockdown. She decided to send us an email asking when she would be able to book test.  We had stopped appointments due to the coronavirus but recommenced home visits from 1 May.  We arranged for our Newbury polygraph examiner to conduct a lie detector test at Damon’s office.

Home visit

At Bonnie’s request we called Damon, who was surprised to learn that his wife had booked a polygraph test for him. It was agreed that his office had all the environmental conditions necessary since he was the only person in it during lockdown.  He said he would rather take the test when he was able to return home. However, Bonnie told him there was no need to wait and she’d prefer he took it as soon as possible.  He agreed to go ahead with the test and the results were with Bonnie the day afterwards.

Damon hadn’t been working and he wasn’t staying at his work accommodation all of the time either. He had been having an affair and it had been going on for months.

Bonnie told him to stay in Newbury with his woman and not to bother coming home. The lockdown has made it easier for her not to see him, and she and her daughter are both doing very well. Damon can see his daughter but not until the lockdown is completely lifted.  He won’t be able to travel to a house he no longer resides in. Damon thought he could play the field during the lockdown but instead he’s ended up trapped by it.

South East Polygraph Services

Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you, or do you have other mistrust issues?  Call us on 07572 748364 to find out if a lie detector test can help you.  Our polygraph examiners are located in most major towns and cities across the South East and nationwide.

Please note that due to the coronavirus lockdown we will only conduct tests at your home.  If that isn’t possible and the matter is urgent, as happened in Bonnie’s case, we will administer a test in your office if all environmental conditions are met.

Our polygraph examiners have all tested negative for coronavirus so we will visit you.  We don’t want you to risk contracting the virus by leaving your home and travelling to our offices. All precautions will be taken with disinfected polygraph equipment, maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks and gloves during the test.