Lie Detector Test in Mansfield ordered when Ford Model T goes missing

When his Ford Model T went missing our client ordered a lie detector test in Mansfield to find out who had taken it. It wasn’t who he suspected.

Edward’s Case

Edward always loved cars and had collected matchbox cars for most of his life. What started off as a hobby when he was just a boy had grown into a valuable collection to be admired. His wish was to have a son to pass on the collection, but he’d ended up with a daughter with no interest in the little cars whatsoever. When his grandson was born he was over the moon. He wanted to wait until he was old enough to appreciate their value and hopefully pass them along to his own son one day.

Toddler into everything

Eddie (Jnr) was fascinated by his grandad’s collection and was always trying to get his hands on them. He didn’t understand why there were all these toys in the house but he wasn’t able to play with them. To be honest Katie, Edward’s daughter, didn’t either. They were toys in her eyes and although she now knew some of them were worth quite a lot of money, others were old and tattered. She never saw the problem in letting Eddie play with them and if it kept him quiet what was the harm? Katie often gave one of the cars out of the cabinet to Eddie, but was chastised for doing so by her father. The more he wouldn’t allow his grandson to play with the cars, the more the child wanted them.

Missing car

Edward was proud of his collection and took the cars out weekly to polish them with great care and attention. He never took the rare ones out of the boxes since he knew they would lose their value if he did. Instead, he would carefully and delicately clean the box to keep it in tip-top condition. One cleaning day Edward realised that one of the boxes, his old Ford model T, was missing and asked Katie if she’d seen it. He was angry and yet again explained that the cars in the boxes should never be touched. If Eddie had the car and the box he needed it back. Katie denied knowing anything about it. No one else had been in the house and Eddie was too small to get into the cupboard.

Lie detector test in Mansfield

It wasn’t the fact that one of his car was missing; it was the sentimental value it held. The Ford model T was one of the first he collected and although it wasn’t worth a lot of money, it meant a lot to him. Edward contacted us for a lie detector test in Mansfield. He felt silly asking for a test for such a petty reason but was reassured when speaking to our Customer Care team, that no reason is silly. If it is important to our clients, then it’s important to us.

The polygraph examination took place at Edward’s home the following Saturday. Meanwhile the car miraculously reappeared, but the box was torn and the car damaged. Edward still insisted that Katie took the test. He wanted to know if his daughter was lying to him as a matter of principle. Katie willingly took the test because she thought she would pass.

The results of the lie detector test were sent to Edward the following day. As he suspected, Eddie had the car but Katie hadn’t given it to him. She hadn’t realised he’d taken it home with him and had quickly put it back when she found it. At the time her father asked her if she’d seen the car, she really hadn’t. But she didn’t tell him that she had found it and put it back in the cabinet because she didn’t want another scolding over the toys.

Edward has now placed his collection in a locked cupboard and this is where they will stay until his grandson is old enough to appreciate their value. If Katie doesn’t see another Matchstick car in the next 10 years, it will be too soon as far as she is concerned.