When money was missing from a coffee shop business, our client got his sister to take a lie detector test in Manchester for theft.

Blake’s Case

Blake owed a small coffee shop which he inherited from his father. George had died a few years ago and his one wish was that the coffee shop stayed open, and remained in the family. Blake never wanted to be a café owner and was studying event management at college. One day he wanted to organise concerts and manage bands but after his father died he had to put it on the back burner for a while. At least till his younger sister was old enough to take over.

Keeping it in the family

Kirsty turned 21 and although she could have taken over at 18, Blake wasn’t confident enough to leave her alone. She’d worked there since leaving school and finally, he thought she was ready. At 34, Blake felt a little silly going back to college but once inside he loved it. He was finally on the way to his dream job. The café was a success when he handed over the reins to Kirsty. Their mother, Joan, was really proud of how both of them had turned out. They were a credit to their father and she felt upset he wasn’t there to see it.

She’s just forgetful

Blake noticed a dramatic change in the profits of the café and when he asked Kirsty about it, she said Joan did the books and maybe at her age, she shouldn’t be. Kirsty categorically said the café was doing well, if not better than when Blake was running it. She didn’t seem keen for Blake to take over the accounts, saying it would interfere with his studies. She would keep a check on their mother from now on.  Blake sensed something was wrong but didn’t know what.

One afternoon, sitting with his mother to go over the accounts, he noticed her writing a lot of miscellaneous items down. Blake asked her what these were and Joan said she didn’t know. It was just how Kirsty had put them in the till. She didn’t have any receipts so was just entering them as business expenses. He approached Kirsty and she said they were for breakages and uniforms. Blake knew this business was their inheritance and also their mother’s pension, so he contacted us about a lie detector test in Manchester for theft. He knew Kirsty was up to something and needed proof. At this rate the shop would close and his father’s legacy would be gone.

Lie detector test in Manchester for theft

Kirsty agreed to the test confident that she could tell the polygraph examiner she’d entered miscellaneous items into the till. It wasn’t a lie. What she hadn’t expected was the question asking her if she was stealing from the family business for her own gain. The results proved Kirsty had been stealing from the business. Even though Blake knew something was amiss, he’d hoped he was wrong.  He decided not to tell their mother. It would break her heart and that was the last thing he wanted. Blake decided his dream was to make his parents proud and not to be a great band manager. He went back to the shop and ran it how his father had run it all those years ago. Kirsty still has a full-time job there but the polygraph results mean there is now a ‘miscellaneous’ item coming out of her wage each week until the money stolen has all been paid back.

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