Lie Detector Test in Leeds gives Drug Addict a Reality Check

The drug Amphetamine is used in the medical profession as a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS). Worryingly, it’s also used recreationally in illegal forms to inspire extra energy and euphoria. Commonly used within the “rave or party scene”, it gives the user stamina to dance for around 24 hours. It is necessary to drink plenty of water (not alcohol), due to the dehydration caused by the energy used whilst on the drug. Three friends never expected the need for a lie detector test in Leeds to make one of them face up to reality.

Party Central

Izzy and John had been in a relationship for years and always liked to go and see their favourite DJs play locally at a club. They never touched drugs but their love of the atmosphere would always keep them there till the early hours. They never quite managed the “all nighter” but had a fantastic time whenever they went. Frank a long term friend of theirs did take drugs, illegal ones, and had often attempted to get them to try various different concoctions. Izzy was against drugs and would always ask Frank not to offer them to her or to take them around her. John was a “live and let live” kind of guy and although he never took anything let Frank get on with it.

How much is too much?

Frank was always full of energy and hardly ever slept. He’d put his irritability down to not having enough sleep but Izzy was worried about his recent behaviour. She didn’t know much about the effects of drugs but knew when someone was on something and Frank seemed to be on something all of the time recently. She’d spoken to him about it and he’d said he was having trouble sleeping. He had a full time job and needed to be awake during the day, so he’d been putting a spoonful of Amphetamine in his coffee every now and then. Izzy didn’t believe him and spoke to Frank about the addictive side of recreational drugs. Frank told her not to be silly but after speaking to John she called us for advice.

We have years of experience in dealing with drug addiction and we told Izzy that the first step was to get Frank to own his problem.  Her description of his behaviour suggested an addiction.

Facing up to reality

Frank had done so much for Izzy and John during their long friendship.  They wanted to give something back and paid for his lie detector test in Leeds.

Surprisingly they got very little resistance from Frank who agreed to attend the appointment they’d made for him. He didn’t think he had a problem but seeing how concerned they were he was willing to prove it. He sat the test, drug free and sober but was surprised to learn that the results of the polygraph test indicated he was addicted. He’d been taking this dangerous substance for two months, day in and day out. Frank hadn’t really kept track of how often he was using and went to the doctor to seek help. He was an adult and could deal with his own addiction himself, with the help of his very good friends Izzy and John.

Lie detector test in Leeds

Do you have a friend that is in need of a reality check? If you’d like to discuss or order a lie detector test in Leeds for any reason, please call or confidential and free helpline on 07572 748364. Our polygraph services are available nationwide and we provide a secure online booking system for you to choose the location that suits you best.