Lie detector test in Kensington – Has my wife cheated on me?

This query came in last week from a concerned husband. He wants to know if a lie detector test in Kensington would help him find out if his wife has cheated on him.

Q: Do you have a Kensington polygraph examiner? I want to find out if my wife has cheated on me?

I was out walking the dogs the other day when I bumped into my best friend’s wife. She looked in a terrible state with red swollen eyes and misery written all over her face. She broke down in tears, so I steered her toward a park bench.

After we both sat down she said she didn’t want to tell me what was wrong because it would upset me.  I asked if it was something Chris, my best friend, had done to her, worried that they’d had a massive row or something.  He had told me that they were having a few marital problems.

In the end, after promising I wouldn’t ‘shoot the messenger’, she told me that Chris confessed to having an affair with my wife last year.  Apparently it lasted 5 months but it was allegedly over now. I have to admit I was shocked.

When I got home I confronted my wife and she absolutely denies any affair with anyone, let alone my best friend. So I called Chris.  He was very apologetic but said it was true.  He was going through a bad patch and my wife had comforted him. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together at my house! He said that after 6 months they both agreed that what they were doing was wrong and stopped.

My wife still denies it.  Can I arrange a lie detector test in Kensington for my wife?  And will it get rid of this awful doubt and suspicion that I now have?

R B., Kensington

Response from our Central London Polygraph Examiner

In direct response to your question a lie detector test in Kensington can be arranged, either in our central London office or at your home. Naturally your wife will have to consent to taking the test.

In terms of removing doubt and suspicion, it may do unless your wife’s test results show deception and she continues to deny the affair.  In that case you might want to consider asking your best friend’s wife to get her husband to take a test too.

I wonder how valuable Chris considers your friendship. He won’t be the first adulterer to do this but with very close friendships it’s unusual.  Could Chris be lying about who he has had an affair with? Is he telling his wife that it’s your wife, to deflect attention from someone else?

Suspicion will erode your relationship with your wife unless this is sorted out.  It’s a sad fact of life that no matter the truth, your friendship with Chris may be irreparable.  However, a lie detector test is the quickest way of finding out what you want to know in order to move forward with your life.

Booking a lie detector test

We have a secure reservation system on our website that allows you to book online.  Alternatively you can call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more advice.  If you decide you’d like to discuss the issue further please let our customer care representative that the Central London polygraph examiner has suggested you call.  Be assured that our service is completely confidential.