When people feel misguidedly ashamed or guilty about something they often feel more comfortable speaking to a polygraph examiner or other unbiased professional. Our client ordered a lie detector test in Croydon for a friend she was concerned about.

Katie and Shane’s case

Shane and Katie had been friends for years. They knew each other inside out. More recently Katy had become worried about him as he seemed to have gone into himself. His parents seemed off with him and they were thinking of sending him away to college rather than letting him stay in the town they lived in. Katy asked why but Shane just said his father thought it was a better college and he would get more opportunities.

Religious beliefs

Katie looked up the school and it was a Catholic college, very strict and regimented. Katie had always wondered about Shane’s preference. He never seemed to be interested in girls but did seem to look a little bit longer at boys. Katie had asked him once if he was gay but he’d denied it. Shane’s father was a Catholic, completely against homosexuality, and would turn the TV over if anything remotely sexual came on. If Shane was gay, there would be hell to pay. The relationship between Shane and his father had become quite tense and no matter how hard she tried Katie couldn’t understand why.

Lie detector test in Croydon

Katie decided to call us for some advice as to how to help her friend.  Was he being sent to a college so far away because it offered better opportunities, or was it something more sinister? Shane’s father’s obsession with his sexuality had to have something to do with it.

Shane agreed to go along for a lie detector test in Croydon. His reasons for doing so were to please Katie but also to get something off his chest. The results were available the next day and Shane had confessed in the test that he was gay. He’d told his father some months earlier and this was the reason for him being shipped off to a Catholic college. His father had been emotionally abusing him ever since he came out, Shane couldn’t take it anymore.

He’d had little choice in going to the Catholic college since his father had threatened to throw him out. He’d said that this was a phase Shane was going through and he would snap out of it.


Shane’s father’s ignorance, in that sending him to a Catholic college would in some way stop Shane being gay infuriated Katie. She felt so sorry for Shane. It didn’t matter what his sexuality was as long as he was happy.

She confronted his father about his attitude but other than to say that Shane would get the discipline he needed at the new college, he refused to engage in conversation.  Katie told him that he would need to accept his son or he wouldn’t be seeing him again in a hurry.

This, and the lie detector test in Croydon, gave Shane the strength to stand up to his father and to choose his own college. He and Katie found a flat together which gave Shane the stability and confidence he needed to be who he was.  Shane’s mother has accepted her son and his new partner. Katie reported to us that they are all doing well and thanked us for our help.

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