Lie Detector Test in Crawley reveals origin of Christmas Gifts

When her husband turned up with an excessive amount of Christmas gifts, our client was suspicious of where they had come from. She booked a lie detector test in Crawley to find out.

Kate’s Case

When Kate married Harvey she knew he wasn’t perfect and had a history of petty crime. Like most women who fall in love, she felt she could change him.  Unfortunately after 6 years of marriage she hadn’t achieved it. He’d spent 4 of those 6 years incarcerated. 6 months for handling stolen goods, 18 months for burglary and 2 years for fraud had taken a toll on their relationship.

The last time he was released from prison she’d issued an ultimatum.  If he didn’t walk the straight and narrow in the future she would divorce him. And he kept his word.  He managed to get a job on a building site and all seemed well.  Between his job and Kate’s nursing career they weren’t rich but they kept their heads above water.  There wasn’t much money left for luxuries and this was why Kate questioned all those beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree.

Harvey told her he’d been getting extra money painting commercial buildings when she was on her night shifts.  A friend of his had a painting and decorating business and he’d been happy to help out. He wanted her to have a wonderful Christmas because for once she had time off.  Covid restrictions meant they wouldn’t see very many people but at least they could have a great time together.

Lie detector test in Crawley

Kate wasn’t convinced and less so when she called Harvey’s painter/decorator friend who denied that Harvey was working for him. When she confronted Harvey, he said he’d told his friend not to say anything because he didn’t want her worrying about him doing two jobs. He hadn’t managed to contact his friend before Kate had to let him know he’d told her. He sounded and behaved like he was lying and she just didn’t believe him.

Kate contacted us to book a lie detector test in Crawley for her husband.  Harvey took the test willingly. With no deception found, he passed with flying colours.

When Kate got the report she was very relieved. She didn’t want her marriage to be over. Harvey forgave her for not believing him.  It was understandable he said, given his past history.  The couple are now looking forward to having the best Christmas they can under the Covid restrictions.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Services

If you have a pressing issue that needs to be resolved before Christmas, contact us to find out if a lie detector test can help you.  As we get closer to a New Year it’s a good idea to put doubts behind you in readiness for it.

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