Sometimes infidelity is found in the most unlikely people. Our client’s future happiness depended on trusting his partner. He booked a lie detector test in Chelmsford to ensure he could.

Harry’s Case

Lily had always dreamed of marrying a policeman.  Her father had been one and after she was knocked back from the force for being too short, she thought the next best thing was to be married to one. She met Harry at a police Christmas party.  Her friend, Gemma, was married to a policeman and they’d invited her along to get her out of the house. Lily was quiet, very beautiful but too shy to approach a man for a relationship.

Harry was very handsome and had an air of confidence about him. They’d hit it off immediately. The romance had been quick but Harry knew he wasn’t getting any younger. If he wanted a family of his own, and be old enough to enjoy his kids, Harry felt he needed to act soon. After 6 months he asked Lily to move in with him. She’d blossomed since he met her at the party and the relationship had done her the world of good.  Now she often went out on girls’ nights out when he was on night duty

Emergency Call Out

One night Harry and a colleague had been called to the town centre. There had been a brawl at one of the local clubs. Lily was out that night and as they were putting someone they’d arrested into the back of the van, he thought he saw Lily in a nearby restaurant with a man. When he returned the following morning he asked her about it and she said she wasn’t even in town that night. He couldn’t shake the unnerving feeling she was lying.

Lily had been acting oddly, now he came to think about it, so decided to have a look in her handbag. In it he found a receipt for the meal he thought he’d seen her at. Harry confronted Lily and she flew off the handle. How dare he go through her things? If he didn’t trust her he should say so she’d said. This made Harry back off and he took himself to bed.

Lie detector test in Chelmsford

Talking to Jez his mate and colleague at work, he suggested booking a lie detector test in Chelmsford. Jez knew how badly Harry wanted a child and a family but he needed to know his mate was with the right woman to do it.

Jez knew about our polygraph services as we had worked on a case with him before. He gave Harry our number and urged him to book a test for Lily.  If she had nothing to hide, Lily wouldn’t have a problem taking it. Jez knew Lily’s life was sheltered prior to meeting Harry. He knew she’d take it as being a policeman’s wife was all she wanted.

Harry gave Lily the opportunity to tell him the truth once more before booking the lie detector test.  She protested her innocence all the way to our polygraph examiner’s office.  Having taken the test the results proved what Harry had suspected.

Trust destroyed

Her excuse was that Harry was working all hours and never had time for her anymore. She’d ended the affair at the meal, that’s why she was there and she hoped he could forgive her.

Harry knew if it hadn’t been for the polygraph examination, she would never have told him. He couldn’t understand how she could do this. Her father was a policeman and she knew how demanding the job was.  He couldn’t trust her and although he tried to make things work with her, Harry ended it a few months later.

If you suspect infidelity in your partner it’s easy to book a lie detector test in Chelmsford or anywhere else in the UK.  You can book online or call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more information. Don’t allow suspicion to destroy your relationship.