Our polygraph examiners have worked on a number of cases involving infidelity in the UK Armed Forces. More often than not we receive emails for further information about our services particularly related to confidentiality. The following enquiry about a lie detector test in Catterick demonstrates clearly the concern associated with discretion.

Question – If I book a lie detector test in Catterick can you guarantee the utmost discretion?

My husband is deployed overseas for much of the time with only a few weeks leave each year. I’m not complaining since I was aware when I married him that the life of an Army wife is lonely.  However, I came across an article about gaslighting recently and I wonder if I am a victim of it. During the past year my husband’s letters have become fewer and those he does send seem littered with references to a particular female colleague he has.

The last time he was on leave he kept mentioning her and wasn’t interested in sex with me at all.  I have to admit I was quite angry and suggested he was having an affair. He then swung it around on me and said maybe I was the one playing around behind his back. For the remainder of his leave he was obnoxious to me, accusing me of the most disgusting things. I have never cheated on him in the 14 years we have been married.

Army wives tend to support each other in almost everything.  We get together for social events, participate in charity fundraising and help each other out with the kids. But the one thing we don’t ever talk about is adultery. It’s an unwritten rule because any suggestion of cheating is frowned upon by the M.O.D. I need my husband to take a lie detector test to prove to me he hasn’t been unfaithful but no one must know about it.

Can you help?

E. W., Catterick

Response from our North Yorkshire Polygraph Examiner

I’m sorry to hear about your distressing situation.  Due to my experience in conducting lie detector tests for military personnel and their partners I understand the web of secrecy that surrounds it.  Wives that are left at home and even husbands who are cheating don’t discuss it because of the fear it may affect their career. Unlike the USA it is not an offence in the UK Military to commit adultery but it can affect promotion and career prospects.  This especially applies when adultery happens between personnel of different ranks.  A logical concern is that in a combat situation an officer is highly unlikely to send his mistress into a dangerous situation.  Equally it is possible that a mistress may have an unfair advantage in the promotion stakes.


Firstly I’d like to address the issue of confidentiality.  As a professional, qualified and accredited polygraph examiner it is part of my job to maintain the utmost discretion.  Any polygraph examination I conduct is totally confidential. The only people who know about it are the person who orders it and the examinee. So you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the test becoming common knowledge. This applies to all our tests and not just those confined to the military.

 Adultery or PTSD

Your husband’s behaviour may not be due to his possible guilt about an affair.  Many soldiers don’t talk about their work and the things they have witnessed.  They see dreadful things and are affected in many ways by them.  Some of the symptoms you describe could be due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Is he drinking a lot or having nightmares?

He may be mentioning his female colleague frequently because in a stressful working environment she may be the only person he can comfortably talk to who will understand.

Nevertheless, your suspicions without closure will erode trust and a lie detector test is an efficient way to dispel or confirm you doubts.

Lie detector test in Catterick

You can order a polygraph test in any of our offices throughout the UK.  If you book online you will see the many locations in which we operate.  For military personnel we can arrange home visits providing the home environment matches our strict criteria for the test.  There has to be complete quiet and no interruptions of any type.  Our cars are not branded so no one knows who is arriving to visit you.  However, it is my view that you should book a location outside of your village where your husband might be more comfortable taking the test.

A polygraph examination for infidelity usually takes 2 hours including a pre-test interview.  You will get the results within 24 hours.

In summary, a lie detector test in Catterick or elsewhere will provide you with the answers you need.  Your job is to convince your husband to agree.  If you would like some suggestions as to how to persuade him, please call our free helpline on 07572 748364.  Mention that you have received a response to your query about a test from the North Yorkshire polygraph examiner.