Lie Detector Test in Bedford

Feb 27, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Bedford exposes Cheating Husband

When walking the dogs took her husband much longer than it should our client booked a lie detector test in Bedford to find out where he was really going.

Yvonne’s Case

Shane and Yvonne always had jobs to do around the house. They called them pink and blue jobs. Shane would take out the bins and walk the dogs, whilst Yvonne would do the cleaning and the cooking. They’d lived that way for many years and Yvonne’s friends would call her old fashioned. But Yvonne had been brought up to look after her man in every way. She didn’t work and therefore Shane brought in the money, so she felt it her job to keep Shane satisfied in the house and also in the bedroom.

Sex addict

Yvonne had always joked that Shane was a sex addict. He was insatiable and their sex life was almost too healthy.

Yvonne had never had any trust issues with Shane but then the walks with the dogs started to get longer and longer. Initially, Shane would take the dogs out twice a day for half an hour. They had two greyhounds and contrary to belief they didn’t need much exercise but Shane started to take an hour or two.

A walk in the park

Yvonne had asked why the routine had changed and Shane told her he’d found a trail that led from one side of the park to the other. She believed him for a time but got suspicious when her friend, Jane, said she’d seen him walking near one of his ex-girlfriend’s houses. Yvonne questioned him about this when he came home but he said he didn’t even think she lived there anymore. There was something about Shane’s demeanour that made her uncomfortable. The dogs had been supposedly out for two hours but they were still lively when they got home. It didn’t make sense, why would they still be jumping at the door to go out when they’d just had such a long walk?

Caught in the act

A few weeks after the conversation, Yvonne’s friend Jane said she’d seen Shane entering his ex-girlfriend’s house. Yvonne went ballistic when he got home, but he still denied it. She knew she needed proof and called us for a lie detector test in Bedford. Telling Shane over dinner, she said he had to take it or he’d be out on his ear. Shane knew which side his bread was buttered and agreed to take the test but he looked nervous Yvonne thought.

Results of lie detector test in Bedford

The results of the lie detector test arrived within 24 hours. Yvonne already knew the answer. Jane had been her friend for many years and she wouldn’t lie. The report confirmed Shane had been cheating on Yvonne. He hadn’t been taking the dogs further than his ex-girlfriend’s house for months. The polygraph test got Yvonne the answers she needed, and Shane was out on his ear. He has tried to contact her to reconcile but she isn’t interested.

Sometimes people manage to overcome the sense of betrayal and hurt they feel when infidelity is proven.  In Yvonne’s case she couldn’t get over the lies she’s been told over an extended time period.

South East Polygraph Services

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