Lie Detector Test in Basildon

Jan 4, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Basildon ends hidden Domestic Abuse

Our client was worried about his sister’s abusive relationship with her husband. He ordered a lie detector test in Basildon to change her life for the better.

Bradley’s Case

Bradley was worried about his sister, Jane. She’d been with Simon for over 5 years and he didn’t trust him one bit. Jane would go and see her brother in the middle of the night and say they’d had an argument and she needed somewhere to stay. Unfortunately, the next morning always ended in the same way.  Simon would call and say he loved her and he was sorry they’d argued. He’d blame his drinking and vow never to drink again. Bradley had asked if he hit her and she’d said never, another thing he didn’t completely trust about Simon.

New Year’s Eve

Bradley invited Jane and Simon to his New Year’s Eve party; at least he could keep an eye on the two of them. Their parents were quite elderly and the last thing Bradley wanted to do was let them know his feelings without proof. He had thought about booking a lie detector test in Basildon for his sister but she always managed to wriggle out of setting a time and date. They’d laughed about at the time but Bradley hadn’t ever been more serious.

Cover up

On the night of the party, Jane turned up covered in makeup. This was unusual since Jane was naturally pretty and didn’t need to wear so much. Leaning in to give her a cuddle, Bradley could clearly see she was hiding a black eye. He asked her outright if Simon had hit her and again she denied it. She told Bradley she’d fallen down the stairs the day before and hadn’t wanted to worry him. Bradley was a great believer in ‘New Year New You’ and he wasn’t going to see his sister in pain anymore. He booked the lie detector test in Basildon securely online and told his sister what he’d done. Bradley explained that they were due to see their parents for lunch the same day and if she didn’t go along, he would explain to them exactly what was going on.

Lie detector test in Basildon

Jane took the polygraph test and whilst round at their parents having dinner, the results arrived. Simon was hitting Jane regularly and not just when he’d had a drink. The worst thing about it all was that Jane thought it was her fault. Bradley hadn’t wanted to bring up the test results in front of their parents but he was left with little choice.

After a long chat with her mother, Jane agreed to let Bradley go home and pick up some things for her. She hasn’t returned home and has had no contact with Simon. He does keep trying to contact her but she is waiting for an appointment with a relationship counsellor before having any form of communication with him. She’s getting stronger by the day and hoping that the New Year will bring her a new, happier life.

Polygraph services for domestic abuse

If you feel it’s time to start the New Year by ending your or someone else’s suffering due to domestic abuse, our specialist polygraph examiners a here to help.  Fully trained and highly skilled all our examiners are qualified forensic psychologists and accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association).

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