Gambling Addiction exposed by Lie Detector Test in Aylesbury

Our client ordered a lie detector test in Aylesbury for gambling addiction. Her brother was shocked by what it revealed.

Carol’s Case

Carol knew her brother Jason liked a flutter on the horses; it had been a family tradition for a long time. All the men would go to the bookies on a Saturday morning and place a little bet. Jason was no different and would often ask Carol what horse she fancied but she was no good at picking horses. She’d go for the prettiest one or choose one with a funny name. Invariably she’d pick a rank outsider and put £1 each way on it. She knew they’d never win but always liked to bet on the underdog.

Years had passed with the tradition of betting on a Saturday but this year seemed to be different. Jason started making bigger bets and would always scold Carol for picking an outsider. When she gave him £2 for her each way bet on Saturday he’d ask why that was all she was betting. Carol started to get worried about it. He was asking to borrow money when he should have been paid the previous day. In the end, she asked him outright if he had a problem. Jason seemed angry at this suggestion, said “no” and stormed out of the house.

Friendly concern

It wasn’t long after this that her neighbour turned up at the door. Chris explained he’d seen Jason at the bookies almost every day. He lived next door and was concerned for him. After this, a loan shark turned up asking for a weekly payment.

When Carol asked Jason, he said he’d borrowed money for his car MOT. Carol didn’t believe him. A little flutter here and there was no problem but how much was he really betting? She decided to contact us to discuss a lie detector test in Aylesbury for gambling addiction. She then booked the polygraph test online for the next week.

A sure thing

Carol explained to Jason she thought he had a problem and if he didn’t do something about it soon, she wouldn’t be able to help him. He wouldn’t be able to live with her anymore with loan sharks turning up at her door. This meant he’d have no other choice but to move in with their elderly mother. She’d be really upset to find out her son had a gambling problem and Carol wasn’t sure how she’d react. Carol wanted to get him help before she found out.

Jason reluctantly went along for the lie detector test in Aylesbury. He thought he was completely in control of his gambling and he just needed the one decent win to get him back to normal. He’d been told about a sure thing and after he was vindicated of his supposed problem he was going to put the bet on.

Results of the lie detector test in Aylesbury

The results of the polygraph test arrived within 24 hours and Carol met up with Jason in the local pub to discuss them. The report indicated that Jason had a gambling addiction and he was shocked.

Our polygraph examiner was able to provide details of help that was available in the area. Carol organised counselling and meetings for Jason to attend. He admitted to owing over £2000 to various people, which Carol paid back. She hasn’t let him off the hook and he pays her his wages each week. She gives him a little spending money but she keeps a tight rein on his money.

Jason is doing well and didn’t bet on the sure thing. The family is happy the lie detector test in Aylesbury revealed the issues Jason was facing and now he has the help he needs.

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